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Dreading Christmas already? The holidays can be overwhelming but you can have a Merrier Christmas if you’re willing to make a few, simple choices.  Expectations, family stress, grief, sickness, and financial issues are just a few of things that can derail your hopes for the holidays. I learned a few things in November—the hard way…

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Gift #4: Don’t Interrupt

I’m a talker. Those of you who know me in real life know that for a fact. I’m sure it’s one of my most endearing qualities. I’m equally certain some people avoid me because of it. I have lots of words and I want to say them all. I’m an external processor—meaning talking about it…

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Gift #3: Pay Attention

“Keep talking. I’m listening.” Have you ever said that to someone as you busied yourself with a task or three? Well, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve said it . . . Because Stacy’s my name and multitasking’s my game. At least it used to be. There was a time I prided…

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Gift #2: Honor His Wishes

What does your husband wish for? Suppose someone shows up at your door this evening and promises to grant your man three wishes. What would he ask for? If you’re like me you might have a hard time narrowing that down to just three. I think I know what one or two would be but…

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25 Gifts Every Husband Wants Most

Life is a wonderful gift and birthdays ought to be celebrated! At least that’s what we think at our house.  We keep birthday celebrations pretty simple these days with good food, family, friends, and a few gifts. The dinner menu and decorations are always fun and simple. This year marks the BIG 50 for hubby…

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An Invitation to a Life Without Worry

Imagine what your life would be like without worry. That’s the first statement Linda Dillow makes on the back cover of her book “Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Contentment. I read this book several years ago and recently the Lord prompted me to pull it off my shelf again. As I…

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