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Not buying anything new for 28 days started as a fun goal but the last week was hard! I’m grateful for the lessons I learned from my 28-day detox. I hope you find some inspiration and encouragement as I share what I learned and photos from Rewearing My Closet: Week 4.

No-Spend-January and Not Buying Anything New

The January challenge was part of our commitment to cut back on our spending and concentrate on our health goals after all the holiday indulgences. We decided that the quickest and simplest way to cut back on our spending is to eat out less (on special occasions only). Also, I decided that I would do a 28-day thrifting detox. Thrifting is a passion for me and has been for years and while I don’t spend a lot of money at the thrift store our thrifting trips always involve eating out. Cutting out one made following through with the other easier!

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No-spend-January for us meant we would only spend money on necessities. I don’t know about you but we consider eating out occasionally a necessity especially when it involves spending time with family and friends!

In mid-January we enjoyed a midweek date night at The Bank Oxford, to support our friends at the soft opening of what they describe as “a step back in time to a 1920s, upscale, specialty eating and drinking experience.” We had a lovely time.

My dress and earrings are thrifted.

I found the 1920s-style headband on Amazon. Here’s the link.

A week later we met our son and his wife for a late lunch after church. They live a couple of hours away and we don’t see them as often as we would like so when he texted about a spur-of-the-moment meet-up we gladly said “YES!”

Not buying anything new was fun at first. On day 22, not so much! Thankfully I got lots of support and encouragement which helped get me to the finish line! I made a reel about it if you want to check it out.

January has been a great month and I think this year is off to a great start. We spent less money, focused on our health and fitness, and had a lovely time celebrating with family and friends. I even learned a few valuable lessons along the way.

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5 Lessons I Learned from Not Buying Anything New

  1. Buying “new” or “new to me” is sometimes a way I avoid dealing with life. “I have nothing to wear!” is a lie I often tell myself. The first few weeks were fun and I was super productive and creative. I thought, “This isn’t as hard as I thought!” And then I had an unusually stressful week with a few tasks that felt overwhelming. All I could think about was going to the thrift store. I was sure walking the aisles of second-hand clothing and rummaging through vintage housewares would make me feel better.
  2. Keeping items I don’t love because I feel guilty about getting rid of them isn’t serving me. “I paid good money for this!” is something my highly frugal brain shouts at me. This month I let go of a few things, especially the guilt. Ill-fitting clothing, uncomfortable shoes, home decor that’s not my style—these are a few of the things headed back to the thrift store
  3. Getting dressed helps me enjoy my everyday life. As a teenager, I heard “You’re not going to a fashion show!” a few times. I’m sure I was taking way too long to get dressed. I wanted to look stylish and also not look like I was trying too hard but I never quite felt like I had the right clothes. The issue was that I was dressing for others instead of myself. These days I wear what I like and what feels right to me.
  4. Realizing nobody cares. “When you’re 20 you care what everyone thinks, when you’re 40 you don’t care what anyone thinks, and when you’re 60 you realize no one was thinking of you in the first place.” I’m not quite 60 yet but I’ve realized nobody cares where I bought my clothes (except my other thrift-store friends). Nobody knows that my clothes are mostly second-hand unless I tell them. I often get compliments on my outfits and sometimes I reply with just a “thank you”. Other times my crazy thrift store girl speaks up and exclaims, “Thanks! I paid $3 for it at the thrift store!!” This is how you find your people. Be yourself. Wear what you like. Brag about it where you got it.
  5. Setting goals is not about the goal. I’m proud of myself for setting a goal but honestly, not going to the thrift store didn’t change my life this month. However, what I learned in the process of not going to the thrift store is powerful. I’m thankful for the lessons.

Thrifting feeds my creativity whether it’s a yard sale, estate sale, or thrift store. I’ve met lots of fellow thrifters who say the same thing. We can’t explain it, and most of us no longer try. I will continue to Rewear My Closet and keep trying to not buy anything new because the longer I do it the more fun it is. I love to see if I can create an outfit with pieces I haven’t already worn this month. Not every outfit is a winner though— here, let me show you what I mean.

Rewearing My Closet: Week 4

Day 1: Sunday Church

This is my favorite outfit of the week. A skirt, graphic t-shirt, and Dr. Martens are my “uniform”.

The Dr. Marten Addina Flower Mary Janes are on sale right now.

Day 2: Office Day

Loved wearing this all-thrifted outfit, too. Even the distressed cowboy boots are second-hand.

Day 3: Office Day

Yesterday it was cold so I wore corduroys and a jacket. Today the high was near 70 degrees!

    I’ve had this thrifted top and skirt forever and I love them both but this top is a big NO for the office. Those tassels that hang from the neck and those big flowy sleeves drove me crazy today while trying to work at my desk! I love these shoes and they’re very comfortable but I don’t love them with this outfit. This outfit was not a winner from this perspective (photo) but here’s the thing: It was comfortable and I felt cute.

    Day 4: Office Day

    These pants might be headed back to the thrift store. They’re super comfortable but I just don’t love them.

    Day 5: Meetings and Errands

    Definitely one of my favorite thrifted outfits!

    Day 6: Saturday Work Day

    Handmade cotton kimono: purchased a few years ago at a vintage market. I don’t remember the source.

    T-shirt: “Underestimate me. That’ll be fun.” You can get your own here!

    Beige Chuck Taylors are thrifted but here’s a link to the same pair.

    Comfy jeans: thrifted

    Which outfit was your favorite? What did you like about it? Any suggestions? I’m always open to feedback! Leave a comment and let me know.

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