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Layering boho style is my go-to when getting dressed because it’s an easy way to make any outfit fun and interesting. Creatively layering loose-fitting, flowy fabrics is one of the ways I’m re-wearing my closet this year. If you want to dress uniquely and be natural and comfortable I think you’ll find inspiration in this boho-style themed post.  

Why I Love Boho Style

There’s some dispute about the origin of the boho (bohemian) style and plenty of articles on the internet if you want to do a deep dive and learn more. But this sums up the essence of boho style:

it was a term with one meaning: to describe a section of society that lived an unconventional and often nomadic lifestyle, which was reflected in their aesthetics. Care-free, fluid fabrics dominated often with patterns and cuts inspired by historical dress and European artisans from all over the continent.

I guess I’m a little boho. As a child of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s I was layering boho style before I knew boho style was a thing. When I look through old photos I realize that my style hasn’t changed much, (if you don’t count my preppy era). Yikes! Sadly, there were no flowy kimonos or Dr. Martens in my closet back then.

What I Shop For to Create a Boho Style Wardrobe

When I’m thrifting there are at least 4 things that catch my attention as I scan the racks of clothing.

  • Fringe–I’m a sucker for anything with good fringe. Yes, there’s bad fringe! You’ll know the difference when you wash it!
  • Flowy–I love flowy tops and dresses.
  • Floral–Florals are lovely. They’re fun and romantic.
  • Texture–Cotton (100%), suede, and velvet are my favorites.
  • Vests–I have quite a collection
  • Vintage–I swear I could spot a vintage print or fabric blindfolded.

Generally, I don’t go thrifting with a list unless I’m sourcing for someone else. You could say I’m a free-style thrifter. If a piece speaks to me, it fits well, and it’s a good price, I buy it. When asked for thrifting advice I always say: buy what you love, what feels comfortable, and you’ll find a way to wear it!

a vintage typewriter on a desk

Rewearing My Closet Week 5: Layering Boho Style

Every item is thrifted unless otherwise noted.

Day 1: Sunday Church

I usually wear a skirt or dress to church but we had a lunch meet up after church that I thought might include walking outdoors in the cold. Pants and comfortable shoes seemed like the right decision.

This outfit checks several layering boho style boxes: a Flowy top and a vintage floral vest.

A vintage fringed jacket was the perfect layer to keep me warm.

Let me tell you the story about this jacket. In the early ’70s, my grandparents took a vacation to Mexico. They returned with lots of photos, good memories, and cowhide jackets for their family. I quickly outgrew mine but was so happy when Mom and Dad passed theirs along to me many years ago. The jacket suited my boho style perfectly. The one I’m wearing in the photo belonged to my dad and I still have the one I wore as a child. I treasure them all! Here’s a sweet Polaroid photo (ca. 1976) of my sister and me wearing ours on a rare snowy day in Alabama. I told you my style hasn’t changed much!

Layering boho style: woman dressed boho style. vintage cowhide fringe jacket

Day 2: Work at Home

Day 3: At the Office

I saw this kimono online a while back but it was too expensive. “Be patient, Stacy. You’ll find it at the thrift store one day.” I told myself. Patience is key when thrifting!

I thrifted mine, of course, but you can get the exact one here for a great price!

My black bead necklace was a gift from a friend. She knows my style!

Day 4: At the Office

Another vintage floral vest and my favorite cropped wide-leg jeans and boots. The top is kind of blah to me so it’s back in the thrift-store pile. The necklace was a gift from my sister years ago. She knows my style, too!

Day 5: At the Office

Black might be my favorite color. It wasn’t on the list above but I’m drawn to black clothing when I’m thrifting. The unstructured jacket came from T.J. Maxx years ago.

The floral cropped pants are fun and the black platform Mary Jane Dr. Martens are a weekly favorite. They’re so comfortable!

Eric and I had a date night after work so I changed into my thrifted platform velvet plum shoes. We we’re having so much fun I forgot to get a pic.

The earrings are made by me with thrifted finds. The skeleton key came from an antique shop in Montana. I love to buy unique souvenirs to remind me of special trips. The supplies to make the earrings came from Walmart.

Day 6: Work at Home

Hats and cardigans are great layering pieces. The dress and Dr. Martens aren’t necessarily boho style but the hat and choker give it a boho vibe I think.

The cloisonne choker necklace is made by me. We found these loose beads in my mom’s jewelry box after she died and I knew I wanted to make a necklace with them. My mom was so resourceful and creative (even though she didn’t see that in herself). I learned so much from her. This necklace is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and she’d be proud that I wear them.

What’s Your Style?

Do you like boho style or do you prefer something else?

Which outfit or piece did you like best this week?

Anything you’d like to see or hear about in future Thrifty Style posts?

Leave a comment and let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. I’ve got some fun outfits already planned for next week.

If you missed last week’s post click here to read 5 Lessons I Learned From Not Buying Anything New.

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