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My 3 Secrets to Thrifted-Clothing Happiness

So I mentioned earlier this week that Saturday involved some thrift therapy. I’m blessed to have several large thrift stores within a half-hour of my house and I visit them fairly often. As any seasoned thrifter knows, sometimes you walk out empty handed—and that’s okay. I am not the “buy it because its cheap” type….

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How to Beat Betrayal Once and For All

We know betrayal. We know unfaithfulness. We have seen it with our own eyes. TV. Movies. Real-life. We’ve felt it like a heavy-weight-gut-punch-gasping-for-breath-and-wanting-to-die. We have been unfaithful. Words. Actions. Thoughts. How to Beat Betrayal . . . We are tempted to bend out ear to the Accuser who would have us believe that faithfulness doesn’t…

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The Secret to Joy and a New Favorite Recipe

Newsflash: My life is far from perfect. Everything is not going as I had planned. People are not behaving as I would like them to. Can you relate? I know you can. But I am digging my heels into the muddy mess of life and setting my heart on gratitude. The Thief will not steal…

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A Family Photo Session

Y’all. I’ve taken thousands of pictures of my kids over the years. Mostly candid shots that include silly faces, mismatched clothes, and a dog. I love them all. The walls around our home hold these treasures that daily remind me of why I love this most fulfilling and exhausting job of being a mother. But…

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March 17–No matter what happens to me. I am convicted by this one verse: “And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there.” Acts 20:22 I desire to live Spirit-filled and Spirit-led. But I must confess that I want to know—I live as if I…

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{Giveaway} Announcing the Winner!

I love a giveaway and I’m so excited to finally announce the winner of the heyemilythomas print! I wish each one of you {coffee addicts} could have one of these. You know . . . (yawn) . . . who you are. I fired up the Keurig. (excuse me while I take a sip) Boston…

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The Most Important Question Every Parent Must Answer

We love to go camping and ride four-wheelers. Our family has a special place we meet and ride the trails that wind for miles through hundreds of acres of forests. Once in while a driver will fall behind, miss a turn, and get separated from the group. This happened to my daughter and me several…

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When My Prayer Life Needs Help {My 5 Favorite Books }

Sometimes on the other side of tropical vacations, happy anniversaries and carefree Instagram photos I get blindsided by a meltdown. Yep. That was me a few days ago. It was a full blown ugly cry in the blue chair in the corner as my man sat with tissues and open ears. This post-28th-wedding-anniversary-pre-49th-birthday-pity-party was less…

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My Wedding Day Confession and a Giveaway

As a little girl I didn’t dream of a fairy tale romance and wedding day. Rather, I imagined a life full of far away adventures discovering people and places yet to be known. I spent hours in the woods around my house building forts or sitting beside a tree just thinking. Even as a teenage…

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