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For Unhappy Holidays

I finish my eggs and bacon and stare at the mess in the kitchen. It reminds me of the mess in my heart. The UnHappy Holiday This was our first Thanksgiving without parents or grandparents. We’ve been sorting through a lifetime of memories and it made this Happy Holiday seem like just another day and…

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Maddie’s Senior Pics

To say our lives have changed drastically this year would be an understatement. We’ve said good-bye to his father and mine, our first-born married his one true love, Anna graduated high school and has began her college adventure, and we’re teaching our youngest how to drive. I am tired and tearful at times. But thankful…

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A Weekly Menu November

Week’s Menu #5 ~ November 9-13

We’ve been eating lots of good food around here lately despite my lapse in posting a weekly menu. There’s been some take-out pizza and good leftovers for “on your own” suppers for those extra busy days. You might’ve noticed I took a little trip with a friend last week. (I’ll be posting more about that…

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Desire of My heart square

The Desire of My Heart

Rest and reflection are my priority this week but I’m not a fan. Seriously. I mean I whine about needing a break, blah, blah, blah, then when the break comes I freak out a little. But I take some pretty pictures and think lots of thoughts and feel all the feelings. I want to share…

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Homebody square

For When You’re On the Verge of a Breakdown

I love to travel. Well, sort of. I really like the thought of traveling more than the actual process of packing stuff and leaving home. Hello. My name is Stacy and I am a homebody. And I’m not sorry. Home is my favorite place to be. But a friend needed some help. My counselor said…

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When God calls

When God Called

At 16, I was a happy, small-town, country girl with a big plan  for my life. It was a good plan by most standards. Then God called. He Said She Said When He called I said, “Hello, Lord” and He began to tell me His plan. But His plan didn’t look anything like mine. Truth…

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Meal Planning

Week’s Menu #4 ~ October 8 – October 14

Well, hello October! When did you get here? You know you’re my favorite, right? August is wild with all that back to school hoopla, and September, well she’s just crazy. But, you, October.  You’re that perfect in between time with your cool, misty mornings and pumpkin spice candles. I think we’re all glad to see…

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A Parent's Prayer square

For When You Come Up Short

Parenting is hard work. It takes every ounce of physical and emotional energy I can muster and most days I come up short. I’m twenty-one years into this bittersweet parenting journey and once again I’m reminded that coming up short is the very place where His grace and mercy meet my deepest need. The late…

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Divine Appt square

A Divine Appointment

I eat cereal before I go to bed, sort laundry, mop old linoleum, teach Algebra I to my last student, and read lots of books. I run a few miles each week so I can eat cinnamon rolls, get my somewhat-crooked-teeth cleaned twice a year and take a picture of the sky almost every day….

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Meal Planning

Week’s Menu #3 ~ September 24-September 30

Does your family like leftovers? Mine sure does! Occasionally someone will even hide the leftovers in the back of the fridge. Raise your hand if you’re guilty. I love to feed my people well and I hate to waste food so Tuesday and Wednesday are the days I make certain that leftovers have been eaten…

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