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Life Unexpected

I didn’t sign up for this, I thought to myself. I was sure I knew what it would be like, look like, feel like. I was wrong. If I had known I might have made a different choice. Played it safe. Stayed home. But I would have missed so much. That 5k. It was the…

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miles for mercy, running, mercy house

Running Miles for Mercy in 2016

Eric and I both turn 50 this year and it’s a sobering thought to know that statistically, at least half of our life is over. We have big plans for the next 50 years (or as many as God has planned for us). Our prayer is that the years we have left would be more…

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criticism, tongue

How I Feel About Petty Criticism

Tell me your criticism. Go ahead and tell me. I’m listening. I’ve heard it all before. I sing too loud. I talk too much. I cry too easily. Tell me more. I smile too much. I talk too loud. I hug too much. More? I love too freely. I forgive too easily. I forget too…

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marathon, Christmas, Hunstville

Rocket City Marathon 2015

Huntsville, Alabama is a beautiful city with plenty of attractions and lots of ways to celebrate the Christmas season. We were there recently to cheer for our favorite runner in the Rocket City Marathon. The night before the race, Maddie, Caleb and I enjoyed the Tinsel Trail at Big Spring Park since it was just…

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Easy {Cinnamon Sugar} Waffles

We love breakfast foods and these Easy {Cinnamon Sugar} Waffles are at the top of our list. Since we rarely have time in the mornings for a big breakfast (who does?) we try to do Sunday night breakfast each week. I rotate several recipes on our breakfast menu each month but pancakes and waffles are…

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Friday Favorites December

Five Friday Favorites

When I find good stuff I like to share so here’s five of my favorite things right now. For Reading: Wild in the Hollow— “This is a story of the God who makes himself known in broken places. Amber calls readers to dispense with the pretty bows we use to dress up our stories and…

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Dancing with December square

Dancing with December

Time can be rude and pushy, demanding “Do this” or “Go there”. If your inbox and social media feeds are anything like mine they’re filled with “Fixes” and “Challenges” and “Ultimate Planners” for weight loss and house cleaning and life. But I’m being stubborn this December. I’ve squared my shoulders and planted my feet firmly…

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for unhappy holidays square

For Unhappy Holidays

I finish my eggs and bacon and stare at the mess in the kitchen. It reminds me of the mess in my heart. The UnHappy Holiday This was our first Thanksgiving without parents or grandparents. We’ve been sorting through a lifetime of memories and it made this Happy Holiday seem like just another day and…

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