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Breakfast Recipe: Easy, Healthy, & Delicious

My love affair with comfort food started early. I grew up in a family where a home-cooked meal was the centerpiece of every “get together” and dessert might not solve your problem but it sure would make you feel better while you worked on it. These days I’m trying to feed my family a little…

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A Beautiful {Thrifty} Wedding

My firstborn tied the knot recently and it was a beautiful wedding day. I’ve already posted a few pics from Jon & Molly’s wedding but I wanted to share a bit more about some of the thrifty wedding details. After a sweet ceremony under a old oak tree we walked into a beautiful barn where…

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for when you need help

For When You Think You Need Help

She’s just a little girl and she’s having trouble. I ask her if she needs help. She replies, “No, I need Hope.” You see, Hope is a person, a young woman to be exact. The little girl lives with Hope and her family and they’re traveling companions this week. The little girl is attached to…

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Jon & Molly’s Wedding

  Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. Unknown Author   Wedding party photos were made before the wedding. Then we watched from a distance as the bride and groom see each other for the first time. Time for the ceremony arrives and we make…

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Jon & Molly’s Wedding Rehearsal

The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes. Frank Lloyd Wright A special bouquet for the wedding rehearsal made by Molly’s cousin and Maid of Honor, Paige. (She’s in the background taking a photo.) Lorelei, Molly’s little sister, presents the ribbon bouquet as Pepaw, Molly’s grandad, and Maddie enjoy the moment. Before the rehearsal…

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A Reminder for When You Feel Overwhelmed

I am overwhelmed. The clock says 10:00 am but the day’s frustrations and disappointments are already piled as high as the clean laundry on the sofa. I want to run away. So I d0. The Blue Chair The corner of the bedroom is a sanctuary of sorts for me. Our room is small and the…

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How to Be Great

You’re Changing Someone’s Life–Achieve Greatness

History books are full of the stories of famous people–heroes, inventors, powerful leaders, and world changers. What makes someone famous? How does one achieve greatness? The answer might surprise you. I’m Not All That (but I’d like to be) When my friend, Terry, read last week’s post, she replied to me via email and said,…

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stay at home mom

When Being a Stay at Home Mom Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

There are times as a stay at home mom when I think: “What I’m doing isn’t enough”. Mothering and homemaking is hard work that can be all-consuming and very gratifying; but a quick scroll on social media or a stroll through the mall can leave our soul wondering. For many years, I was in full-time…

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