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I haven’t done as much thrifting as usual lately since I’ve been busy with a new adventure. If you’re on my email list then you know we’re in another new, fun, exciting, and scary season. But hardly a week goes by that I don’t pop into one of my local thrift stores for a quick walkthrough and some thrift-therapy!

You never know what treasure awaits!

Today I’m sharing a few things I’ve found recently and photos of how I’ve used them. I even turned some of my finds into the perfect gift!

Thrifty Thursday

Pretty Plants in Pretty Planters

When thrifting I’m always on the lookout for antique/vintage containers in neutral colors. Bowls and soup tureens are often missing lids and/or the spoon so they make perfect containers for plants or other items. I found these recently:

Thrifty Thursday

A little plant from Walmart . . .

Thrifty Thursday

Plus a scrap of burlap to hide the black plastic pot . . .

Thrifty Thursday


Thrifty Thursday

It looks so pretty at our office on the chalk painted side table. Also, Miracle Grow leaf shine is PURE MAGIC! When my plant leaves get dusty I set the plant in the sink and spray the leaves with leaf shine. No need to rinse or wipe the leaves. I just let the plant sit in the sink until the excess has dripped off or evaporated. Look at those beautiful, shiny leaves!

The sparkly bowl came from Ross ($4).

Thrifty Thursday

Love the way it reflects light near the window.

The antique lamps were a gift from a friend. I just added these linen shades from Walmart.

I’m always on the lookout for clearance items even in the garden center. Recently, I found two pothos plants just like the one I’d purchased earlier. They needed a little TLC but for $3.75, this easy-to-grow green plant was too good to pass up.

Thrifty Thursday

Before Christmas, I found two metal tins for $2 at Goodwill. My original plan was to add live evergreen trees to them during the holidays but I kind of forgot about them until I started searching for a container for this plant.

Thrifty Thursday

I gave this one to my daughter—the perfect gift—to brighten up her office space at work.

Thrifty Thursday

This girl brightens up any space she’s in but every office needs a plant! Also, I can’t stop looking at this wedding photo!

Thrifty Thursday

And this one!

She and John got married in November.  I haven’t shared photos yet but I’ll probably do that soon.

Are 800 wedding photos too many for a blog post? Maybe I can narrow it down!

Anyway, back to Thrifty Thursday!

DIY Ivy Wreath

Grapevine wreaths are always available at the thrift store and when I see one for $2-3 dollars I grab it. I love to make my own seasonal wreaths!

I almost threw away this dusty basket of fake ivy but I decided to try and use it.

Thrifty Thursday

All it needed was a bit of a soak in some soapy water. I rinsed it off and let it drain dry on the shower floor.

Thrifty Thursday

This wreath was a recent find for $2:

Thrifty Thursday

I clipped the ivy into individual stems . . .

One thing I love about grapevine wreaths is that you can just stick the stems you’re using in between the vines. Sometimes I secure the pieces with hot glue but I didn’t today. I can be an impatient DIYer!

Thrifty Thursday

I’d planned to cover the entire wreath with the ivy but I think I like how it looks partially covered. What do you think?



I may add something to the empty space on the left but I’m happy with it for now!

I don’t do much if any, Valentines decorating. A DIY Ivy Wreath is a good transition between Christmas and Spring decor.

I’ve written a few other posts about thrifting and DIYing wreaths.

  1. Birdhouse Wreath–I wrote this post shortly after I started blogging in 2012 but I still love this wreath and use it every year. Every Spring a bird builds a nest and lay eggs in the wreath. (You can see it in the photo below.) One year I found the fake birds on the steps beneath the wreath. They looked like they’d been stabbed to death. I’m assuming the real birds didn’t like them near their nest! Click here to read the post.

Thrifty Thursday

2. Fall Wreath and Floral ArrangementClick here to read the post.

DIY Fall Wreath


3. Spring Wreath–I don’t think I shared this wreath on the blog. Maybe just an Instagram post?

4. This Is My Happy Place Wreath–Shared this one on Instagram also. The thrifted wreath and faded flowers plus this sign my friend Melody gave me make the sweetest wreath. This one hangs in my kitchen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Thrifty Thursday post. I love sharing with you what I find on my thrifty adventures!

Thanks again for stopping by!





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