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In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic. -Iman

Decluttering my closet is taking longer than I’d hoped. My plan was to be done by the end of January and move on to other areas of my home and life but I’m determined to see this process through to the end.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I really wanted to finish it all in a day. The “old Stacy” would set aside a day, start before the sun came up, and work feverishly into the wee hours of the morning. Most likely she quit out of frustration and exhaustion before the job was done. (My sweet hubby has tried to tell me for years to pace myself. I’m finally learning to do that!)

Working on a project in small doses is new to me but new seasons usually require change. At first, it seemed I wasn’t getting anything done or seeing any progress with my goals. But looking back, I see I’ve made steady progress without the stress and drama!

I made a few discoveries in the decluttering and I’m sharing one today.

Fashion Over 50


Fashion Over 50: Discovery

We tend to focus on “getting rid of” when we declutter and if you’re anything like me it can feel wasteful and careless. Instead, I’ve chosen to focus on what I want to keep. Do I love it? Do I wear it or use it? This makes the process so much easier and I’m more cautious about what I buy, new or thrifted.

Guess what I discovered in my decluttering?


Y’all, I have had SO MANY scarves. Long, short, square, skinny, lace, wool, and silk! They were all stuffed in a hatbox and a small suitcase under my bed. Guess how likely you are to wear something (or even remember you have it) if it’s stuffed in a box under your bed?!

But I LOVE scarves. I own so many because I used to wear them! I wear my winter scarves when it’s cold but the small, silk scarves had gotten buried under the pile of wool and I’d forgotten about most of them.

Since I hadn’t worn them in a while I almost tossed them in a bag to send to the thrift store, but I decided to try to wear some of them instead. They’re an easy way to dress up an outfit and the colors inspire me to mix and match pieces of clothing that I wouldn’t wear together otherwise.

I’m not a minimalist but I find the older I get the fewer things I want or need, including clothes. I tend to wear the same pieces and colors over and over. Several of my scarves ended up in a bag for the thrift store but I kept the ones I love. They’re now hanging in my closet so I can see them and wear them often instead of collecting dust under the bed!

Fashion Over 50: Scarves

Fashion Over 50

This vintage scarf is so pretty! I love the colors.

Thrifted items: Scarf, necklaces, Lucky brand jeans, and that awesome vintage leather belt and belt buckle.

The boots are a hand-me-down from my daughter.

Disclaimer: The lighting is great near the large, picture window in my living room but you can also see I need to declutter the decor that I stick “in the cracks”. And, I forgot to pick up the dead leaves on the floor beneath my plant!

I found the belt buckle a Goodwill in New Orleans for $1.00.

Fashion Over 50
Inscription on the back: This buckle is awarded in gratitude to generosity to the needs of Native American Children. Billy Mills – Running Strong for American Indian Youth® Christian Relief Service

Fashion Over 50

Found this vintage Etienne Aigner leather jacket at the thrift store recently. It’s a soft leather with lots of details and pretty buttons. I wore this outfit to church on Sunday and got more than one “love your ascot” comments!


Fashion Over 50



Fashion Over 50

Fashion Over 50

Fashion Over 50

Fashion Over 50

Thanks to my decluttering project, scarves are my new favorite item in my closet. I’m not afraid of buying and wearing trendy items but I love the classics.

I think scarves are an easy way to add color and style to an outfit and having a few in your closet is an easy way to give new life to your favorite outfits. They’re relatively inexpensive and stores like Target, TJ Maxx, and Ross have so many pretty options. If you’re looking for vintage scarves the thrift store or Etsy is a great option!

I found another great blog post about scarves by Brenda Kinsel: Fashion and Style Expertise for the Modern Woman. Brenda is the owner of Inside Out—A Style and Wardrobe Consulting Company based in the San Francisco Bay Area where she has been matching people’s clothes to their personalities, passions, and lifestyles for over thirty years.  I love her style! Click here to read her post Styling Outfits with Neck Scarves. I also loved her post How Dreams of Dresses Helped Me Cope with Grief!

Fashion Over 50

Thanks for stopping by today and joining the Fashion Over 50 fun!




3 thoughts on “Fashion Over 50: Scarves”

  1. Love all your looks!! I used to wear scarves, too. Gosh, I wore them in every season. I have to go find them, because now, over 50 I could use a little more flair and a little camouflage in my neck area! 😉

    1. Thanks, Kim! They do add flair to an otherwise plain outfit. And, YES! They’re excellent for camouflaging the neck area!! I forgot to mention that!

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