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Time can be rude and pushy, demanding “Do this” or “Go there”. If your inbox and social media feeds are anything like mine they’re filled with “Fixes” and “Challenges” and “Ultimate Planners” for weight loss and house cleaning and life. But I’m being stubborn this December. I’ve squared my shoulders and planted my feet firmly on the eroding soil of today.



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Dancing with December

Tick-Tock, tick-tock. The clock reminds us that time is passing and we might be out of step or falling behind. But let’s dance slow with December and exchange more doing and going for being. Just being.

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December, in her sparkly dress, tried her best to cut-in on November, but we gave her the mother stare and she sat quietly down.

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January might be just around the corner and she’s all about new beginnings and fresh starts but she’s not here yet. And the rhythm of January doesn’t work when we’re dancing with December. So let’s love the ones we’re with and wrap our arms tight around December and hold on for dear life.

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Anybody with me?

Fresh starts and new beginnings are preceded by endings. Our hearts need the closure that December offers.

So let’s hold out our hands and receive her. Unwrap the gifts of 2015 and marvel at the joys and sorrows we danced through. December days are short and darkness creeps in early but our Light has come.

Take a deep breath, enjoy the moment, and follow the lead of the Savior as you dance with December.

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