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There’s so much I could say about this sweet boy o’ mine. If you know him, you already know why I could fill a book of stories about him. But I decided to tell the story with fewer words. And y’all know the only thing I like as much as words is pictures.  I stepped into his room a few minutes ago and took these. Each one is worth a thousand words but I’ll only use a few. Your welcome.

So here’s a few things I want you to know about Caleb.

1. He’s a collector. Old things mostly. There’s a story behind every treasure–where he found it–who gave it to him–how old it is. He’s sees beauty and function where others see junk. I love that. God has a plan for that. collector, celebrations,

He found this:

DIY, lantern, clear lights, rust,

Added some clear lights and made this:

DIY, lantern, clear lights, rust,

This belonged to my mother’s parents—a souvenir from Pawpaw’s Navy days in Pensacola.US Navy, Pensacola,

2. He’s a committed Christ follower. I see the evidence in his room and the proof in the way he lives.

On his desk:Bible, time, bible study,

On his wall:scriputre, Ephesians, God's Word

3. He’s a cheerful giver. He’s always making something for someone. I took another photo but he wouldn’t let me use it. He said it would spoil the surprise if they saw it.

crafty, diy,

I love this boy.

I can’t believe he’s 15 today.

Thank you, Lord, for this blessing.

wholehearted, Caleb

I used more words here to tell a story of Two Calebs. I’d love for you to read it if you have time.

You can also find the link here to the recipe for The Best {and easiest} Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes.   They were his birthday breakfast request!

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