I’m tempted to climb back into the boat.

In the boat is where you’re supposed to be when you’re out on the water. Right?

But Jesus calls.

You know what I’m talking about.

He calls you, too, out of your comfort zone—out of that place that seems safe and secure and manageable.

And out you go walking on water with eyes fixed on Him.

Then come the storms.

And you think of climbing back into the boat, too.

I believe God is a promise keeping God. He proves Himself to be The Faithful One time and again.

San Diego father daughter

He proves it to Jairus, too (Mark 5: 21-43). His daughter is dying so he begs Jesus to come and heal her. Jesus agrees. But on the way He seems to get sidetracked while taking care of another’s need. Jairus is left hanging. Waiting.

The news comes that his daughter has died. “Why bother the teacher anymore?” the men say to Jairus.

And before he could respond The Healer speaks.

But Jesus, “Ignoring what they said, tells Jairus, “Don’t be afraid, just believe.”

I’m here today to encourage you to keep believing and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

When THEY say, “Why bother the teacher anymore?”

And your fear whispers, “Climb back into the boat where it’s safe.”

Remember the words of Jesus:

2 - Mark

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