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The clock reminded us what our bodies already knew. Heavy eyes and heavy hearts need rest.Clock, time to rest

I slipped into bed beside him. The pitch-dark room and hum of the fan signaled rest. In the darkness I heard his prayer. Another signal to rest, but my heart wouldn’t listen.

Weighed down by the heaviness of an empty chair and another’s choice I lay still in the darkness. Silent tears begin to fall. I breathe carefully so as not to give away my heart’s weeping. He turns and lays his hand on my side. His words reveal that even in the dark he can feel my sorrow and share my heavy heart. His comfort signals rest.

So I do.

I didn’t know all that He was calling me to years ago. I just heard Him say, “Follow me”.

So I did.

I didn’t know all that I was signing up for when I decided to follow him as an 8 year old on that country church front pew.

2nd grade
But I’ve been following him these 40 years since.

No straying or rebelling. Oh, there’s been distraction and discouragement and disappointment. My feet grew as weary as my heart a few times finding myself in the dim canyons of another’s choice; laying still and silent weeping. But even then I knew He was close. His hand on my side even in the darkest places. I cling to Him.

His comfort signals rest.

And so I do.

There is a weariness sleep cannot alleviate.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28


Lay your burden down and rest in Him.

Let your faith be strengthened knowing He is near.

He is the rest you need.

01 - Matthew

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4 thoughts on “Walk on Water Faith {Day 1}”

  1. I, too, have been “in the dim canyons of another’s choice.” It is so comforting to leave it in His hands and trust Him to work it out. Comforting … but hard to do, sometimes. So thankful that I can stand on His promises!

    I enjoyed your post today.

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