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“We” is the nominative plural form of “I”.

“I” is good.


I ate the chocolate bar. Just me, myself, and I. Good.

But “we” means “I” plus one. “We” means family and people who are like family. “We” means “together”. “We” is good, too.

This weekend was about “we”. And it was very good.

We caught fish.JC and Maddie

We rode four-wheelers.CalebFour-wheelers

We cooked and ate.Eric grillsfood table

We slept in tents.tent

We warmed our toes by the fire.Toes by the fire

We cooled off in the creek.Anna and Maddie at the creekAlex and Caleb

We read.Anna and Alex

We worked.Alex

We posed for pictures.Sweetheart

We napped.Caleb

We waited for the sun to rise.lake sunrise

The “we” in my weekend.Memorial Day Camping Trip


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