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It’s not the house I love but the life that’s lived in it.

I love this quote and the house that we call home. But sometimes I just want to gut the old bathroom and start over. In my dreams Chip and Joanna rip it out to the studs while I’m sipping a cafe au lait at Java Jolt. I return to a glorious cottage farmhouse bathroom with shiplap walls. In reality, I have a 1974 builder’s grade hall bathroom shared by all the teenagers and a fat cat who likes to lay in the sink.

I know. My life is even more glamorous than you thought.

So anyway, since Chip and Joanna haven’t called and my budget nor my sanity can bear a bathroom remodel right now, I go to plan B.

Plan B: Buy a new shower curtain.

I searched all my favorite stores. I poured over Pinterest. Nothing. I felt sad. I had some milk and cookies. Searched some more. Still nothing. Sadder now. Was my hall bathroom doomed to a dingy, old life forever?

Then one day I saw a bright light and everything changed. Actually, I was standing in my kitchen admiring the way my new curtains looked in the morning sun. Turns out I’d already found my new shower curtain and it was hanging in my kitchen.

thrifty style, bathroom makeover, Target

Who knew? Kitchen curtains = shower curtain.

Shower Curtain: How To Make It Work

What you’ll need:

  1. Your favorite curtains– I used the Threshold Farrah Medallion Curtain from Target  (2 panels). I hung the curtain higher than a traditional shower curtain—it makes this small bathroom feel bigger—so I ordered the 54×95 size.
  2. Curtain Rings–I used Threshold Curtain Clip Rings Set from Target.
  3. Liner– If you decide to hang the curtain higher and have long curtains then you’ll need an extra long liner. I used an extra long, clear liner from Target.
  4. Tension Rod–I used a Threshold Rust Resistant Tension Rod from Target.

To make sure the curtain panel, liner and rings are hung securely and evenly spaced I laid the curtain panels and the liner on the floor and attached the rings. You’ll need an extra pair of hands to help you slip the rings, curtains and liner onto the tension rod and secure the rod in place.

thrifty style, bathroom makeover, Target

thrifty style, bathroom makeover, Target

thrifty style, bathroom makeover, Target

I added some thrifty decor and called it done.

toilet paper holder bathroom wreath

You are my sunshine DIY art

I’m always looking for ways to make our house a home—-thrifty style.  (I even have a Pinterest board called Home Decor My {Thrifty} Style if you’d like to follow along.)  I’m really happy with the bathroom.

Y’all. A new shower curtain is game changer I tell you. It can make a tired, old bathroom smile even if the fat cat’s still in the sink.

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