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“I’ll Never Get Over It”.  You’ve heard someone say it. Maybe you’ve even said it.

To “Get Over it” usually means:

to move beyond a past event in such a way that it does not define or control the present.

Great Smokey Mountains 2012

Get Over It

Missed opportunity?  I’ve gotten over it.

Loss of a relationship? Gotten over it.

Disappointment? Yep, that one too.

A big mistake? Oh yeah.

Loss of a child? I’ve even gotten over this one more than once.

Hurtful words? Working on it.


I suspect there are some things you need and want to get over, too,  but that’s not what this post is about. I want to comfort you but I also want you to know what I hope you’ll never get over.

Don’t Get Over It

There’s one thing I hope I never get over.

What Jesus did for me.

And I hope you never get over what He did for you.

It is my comfort and yours.

His death for our life. Our sins laid on Him and His righteous laid on us.

It is The Great Exchange.

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. 2 Corinthians 5:21

Have you received it?

You may object, perhaps, because you are not worthy of His comforts. I do not suppose you are. No one ever is. But you need His comforting, and because you are not worthy you need it all the more. Christ came into the world save sinners, not good people, and your unworthiness is your greatest claim for His salvation. –Hannah Whitall Smith

As believers there was a time in our lives when we acknowledged our need for the Savior, confessed our sins, repented, and received the forgiveness He offered. But we have a tendency to forget. Life gets busy, we get comforted by other things, and if we’re not careful we can take for granted who we are and who He is.

And we get over it.

Spiritual pride creeps in replacing humility, leaving no room for the Holy Spirit’s presence and power. It’s no way to live.

May I offer a suggestion? These things help me and I think they might help you, too.

3 Things To Do:

  1. Take a few moments to consider what your life might be like had you never received the comfort of His salvation. Imagine yourself still lost in your sin.
  2. Think about the person(s) you love most, what your love compels you to do for them, and remember that your love doesn’t compare to the way your Savior loves you.
  3. Ask Him to reveal to you, in way that helps you better understand, how very much He cares for you and desires to comfort you.

I want Him and what He did to define and control everything about my life today and forever.

I’d love to hear what you do to remain in the Holy Spirit’s presence and power. What are the habits and spiritual disciplines that help you remember who you are and who He is?

Great exchange, get over it, I'll Never Get Over It


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