Bible, hellomornings, coffee, I  like mornings.

Mornings are a clean slate and another chance to place my life before God as an offering.

But sometimes, if I’m not careful, the un-done from yesterday runs into the yet-to-do of today and creates a pile-up that stops me dead in my tracks. The clean slate isn’t so clean anymore and I white-knuckle-cling to the life I so desperately need to place before God as an offering.

Here’s my solution:

1. Get up early. By early I mean before anyone else gets up. I get encouragement to do that here.

2. Go straight to the Word. If I do anything else first I get side-tracked. I have a reading plan that I follow. You can read about that here.

3. Grab my playlist. These are songs I have carefully chosen with messages that set my mind on Him and His purpose for me. I close my eyes and listen to the words, the message, and His heart. Here are the ones I’ve chosen:

Give Me Jesus–Fernando Ortega

Word of God Speak–MercyMe

How He Loves–David Crowder Band

Something Heavenly–Sanctus Real

Holy–Matt Redman

10,000 Reasons–Matt Redman

Live Like That–Sidewalk Prophets


4. Give to Him. I give praise, confession, thanks, and concerns to Him in prayer.

Get, Go, Grab, Give.

I like mornings…when I do these 4 things.


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