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Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music. — Unknown

Our bags were packed for Plan B Part 2 of our vacation. We were on our way to find Helen! (If you’re wondering why it was Plan B click here to read last week’s post.)

The GPS was guiding us but our real destination was Adventure. I usually like to have plenty of time to plan a trip to a new place so that we don’t miss any sights and good food but this road trip was different.

“Be spontaneous and flexible,” I repeated to myself.

I took a bunch of pictures as you’ll see!

Helen, Georgia

We stayed at the Helendorf Inn and chose a river view room with a balcony. It was right on the Chattahoochee River and within easy walking distance of everything we wanted to do. We spent lots of time just strolling the streets, taking in the pretty little town, people-watching, and of course, eating.

I took these photos standing on our balcony. The weather was perfect so we kept the doors open a lot. Hearing the river rolling across the rocks below was so relaxing! At night we could even hear some really great live music without ever leaving our room.

This pretty cat was one of many that lived on the grounds of the Helendorf.

We did lots of walking the few days we were there. My Birkenstocks are always my favorite walking shoes.

I didn’t get any night time pics but everything is lit up with white lights at night. It’s so pretty!

“I’m gonna sit here while you shop. Take your time,” was a phrase I heard a lot!

Aren’t those flowers amazing?! The town was so clean and had flowers everywhere!

We ate lots of good food but Hofer’s Bakery was by far our favorite place! We ate there twice! It was definitely worth the wait.

(Like lots of places in Helen, they’re closed on Wednesday!)

This was one of my favorite little shops. She’d just opened the week before and I had such a nice chat with her about how she ended up in Helen after working for the government for 25 years. Quite an adventure!

On our way out of town, we stopped here.

There are lots of fun things to do in and around Helen and so much we didn’t do because we wanted our getaway to be a real vacation as opposed to a trip where we needed a vacation to recover from our vacation! (We’ve all been there, right?)

We had lots of fun!

I always joke and say we leave Eric and Stacy at home when we go on a trip and take Bryan and Yvette (our middle names) instead. Eric and Stacy work hard and pay bills and go to bed early. Bryan and Yvette are spontaneous and silly and work hard at having fun!

I looked at some pictures on the internet before we left to try and get an idea of what to expect. The town is even more charming in person!

Our Plan B vacation wasn’t too bad. Look how relaxed and rested we look!

We’re definitely planning to go back and hopefully check out some of the places we missed this time.

So have you ever been to Helen, Georgia? What was your favorite part?

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