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My firstborn tied the knot recently and it was a beautiful wedding day. I’ve already posted a few pics from Jon & Molly’s wedding but I wanted to share a bit more about some of the thrifty wedding details.

After a sweet ceremony under a old oak tree we walked into a beautiful barn where thousands of white twinkle lights hung from the rafters. It was the perfect backdrop for celebrating the sweetest couple ever!

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Thrifty Groom’s Table

I had so much fun with the groom’s table. My stash of burlap and old lace came in handy.

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The groom’s cake turned out super cute. I chose to have a local bakery make the cake and it was delicious. After shopping for the perfect cake topper and not finding what I wanted, I decided to make my own! So simple but I love it. Most importantly, the bride and groom loved it.

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The chip board letters and burlap love birds are attached to small dowel rods that I wrapped in twine. The burlap ribbon and measuring tape (hubby’s great idea!) added a special touch since Jon works part-time in the lumber yard at a home center. The baker did a great job putting it all together. All the supplies for the cake decor came from Hobby Lobby and were 50% off of course.

Jon is also a full-time student and one of his favorite snacks is milk and cookies. The milk and cookie bar might have been more popular than the cake!

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Some of Jon’s childhood toys were on the floor beneath the table.

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Thrifty Mother of the Groom

One of my favorite thrifty wedding finds was my outfit. My list of requirements was simple:

  • It had to be cool and comfortable. (An important requirement for an outdoor wedding in May in the South!)
  • I wanted to be able to wear it again. (Puffy sleeved, sequined taffeta was out.)
  • I didn’t want to break the bank or the budget on it. (Must stay away from bridal shops and department stores.)

So where do you think I looked for my dress? The thrift store, of course. Isn’t that where everyone shops?

It took a few trips to all my favorite thrift stores but patience is key when it comes to thrifting. I was rewarded for my thrifty diligence.

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The brown dress was perfect! It was lightweight and comfortable and machine washable! After I found the dress at the thrift store I went straight to TJ Maxx for a jacket. This one is so cute and so my style. I’ll be wearing it for years. The flower was mine already and since the wedding color scheme was yellow and gray I knew all it needed was a little burlap ribbon. I wore some cute wedges to the wedding but slipped into my favorite¬† $5 flip flops (Payless) at the reception. We posed for one last pic before the newlyweds escaped.

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So thrifty friends, how did I do?

Pinterest is my favorite place to go for thrifty inspiration. Click here to follow me.

The thrift-store roadtrip is still in the works. Wanna go? We’ll shop a few of my favorite local stores, eat and talk, and have lots of fun!

(Thanks to Kim and Kip McFry for the beautiful wedding photography.)

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