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Recently, we had some friends over for our monthly Sunday night fellowship.

Each time we have a fellowship we invite lots of different people never certain who will show up.

There was no plan or menu. Just the instruction: “Bring your favorite finger food”. Everyone contributed something different. We ended up with sausage balls, chips and dip, a vegetable tray, Texas caviar and homemade cinnamon rolls. I know cinnamon rolls aren’t technically a finger food but it’s my favorite way to win friends and influence people. Don’t judge. Have you tasted them?

After a blessing, we lined up around the table, grabbed a plate, and chose our favorite foods. We all chose different combinations and different amounts of food.   We took our plates to the living room and commenced eating and talking with our mouths full. (or was that just me?)

We talked about a lot of different things like kids and work and church and how we grew up. Each story was different. Each person had a very unique and different life experience to share.


Then the conversation moved to “so how did you two meet?” (The gathering last night just happened to include all married couples.) The story of how each couple met was very different. Those stories involved beer and bathing suits, clotheslines and parking lots, truck stops and church socials, prayer partners, and parties.

Different people. Different stories.


I’m always intrigued by someone’s story and amazed at how different we are from one another in so many ways and yet still connect and love so deeply.

After everyone had left we talked a little about the night and how blessed we felt by our time with old friends and new ones. As we reminisced about the stories—all sweet and funny and very different—I realized there was one thing that connected us.

Just one thing.


Every single one of us has been changed by Jesus.

Changed the day we met Him.

Still being changed by Him.

I laughed so hard at their stories and how they told them. Although I wasn’t there to see the stories as they played out decades ago and couldn’t understand the attraction that was felt, they were funny and I’m glad to know my friends a little better.

But oh when they spoke of meeting Jesus I was right there with them. I totally understood the attraction they felt.  I know how He radically changes a life. In that moment we were the same. Different. But one in the Spirit.

I’m glad we shared finger food and funny stories and all the ways our lives are different.

But there’s nothing quite like hearing how someone met Jesus.

Have you told your story lately?

I’d love to hear it.




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