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Yesterday was a long day of planes, trains, and automobiles requiring pat downs, I.D.s, tips, and patience. Through it all I watched a lot of people, listened to some news, and overheard lots of conversations. I was left feeling sad and discouraged about our world.zoo 2

I was also exhausted. It’s that awful chasm between vacation and reality. (first-world-problems-too-much-drama) I Know. Nevertheless . . this is how I felt.


And then I read this:

But the word of God increased and multiplied.

Acts 12:24

The Bible rocks! I love how when my mind gets all crazy and confused I can open my Bible and BAM—the unchanging Eternal Truth, right there in black and white, pierces my heart and helps me make sense of it all.

Acts 12 reports the hardship and persecution endured by Paul and his companions on their First Missionary Journey and the sad state of affairs of the world they lived in. The chapter ends with:

But the word of God increased and multiplied.

Acts 12:24

I was reminded that no power can triumph over the King of Kings. No political leader, unstable economy, difficult family situation, or health crisis.

Not then. Not now.

God is not surprised by what we see and hear and read. He is in the midst of what looks like a cataclysmic, earth-destroying storm; He is calling us to come to Him and walk through it with Him.

Paul and Barnabas and James and John Mark did knowing their life was in danger. Surely I can…

6 - Acts

Today we sit in churches built by faithful believers who were weathering their own storms. They kept their eyes on Jesus and the word of God increased and multiplied.

We can do the same. Wherever we live and work and play—God is sovereign over those places—and He wants to use us to carry His Word. What in the world are we waiting for?

Kristin Welch is doing it in her own backyard with The Refugee Project and around the world with Mercy House Kenya. Please clink on these links to learn more about these projects and how you can support the work in the US and around the world. Mercy House

May the word of God increase and multiply in our hearts today!

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