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It’s late Spring and I sit tear-blind at the corner of St. Roch and Filmore Avenue.

Click. . . click. . . click. The rhythm reminds me to wait before I turn.

Seminary classes are done for  now. I’ve pushed disappointment and deadline uphill with an empty heart hoping to get to the other side of it all.


It’s late Spring and flowers and trees bloom full and showy. I should be, too. Gaping wound and hollow womb remind me what could have been.

I weep loud and strong blindsided by the grief. A new life marked by two lines and a heartbeat. Hopes and dreams and life betrayed by my own body.

“In all things, give thanks,” He says.

I weep louder and stronger and choke on words too hard to swallow.

“In all things, give thanks,” He repeats.

Why this? Why now? Why?

In all things, give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus toward you. I Thessalonians 5:18

I see now what I could not see then.

And I never, ever read or hear this verse without thinking of that day when Christ in me spoke Truth. The busy intersection marking crossroads and Cross-ways and His work in me. An invitation to a deeper faith-full walk with Him.

Countless times since that day, I’ve known disappointment and loss. But if I stop and listen I always hear click . . click . . click . .

In all things, give thanks

His Word, His way, marking the rhythm of my life.

15 - I Thessalonians

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