Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway.

–Willie Nelson

The pickin’ has been good lately and I’ve found lots of treasures and pieces that needed some TLC. The house is a mess and the laundry’s behind which means I’ve been busy working on lots of projects! Good times!

Back during the summer I stumbled on an estate sale during lunch one day and found SO MANY treasures. One find was this gorgeous, perfectly chippy, white table. We ended up having to move it from the garage into the house and back to the garage more than once—story of my life—(Sorry, honey!) Anyway. This very old table got more rickety with every move. We tried to make it more stable but it was too far gone.

I kind of hate to tell you that I ended up tearing it to pieces but the table had served its purpose and needed to be repurposed. Now I have a cardboard box loaded with gorgeous white, chippy pieces of wood just waiting their turn.

Two of the shorter pieces ended up being the perfect size for a guest bathroom project I had in mind. This bathroom got an accidental renovation a few years ago after a pipe malfunction and flood.  I had to make some quick decisions about tile and paint. It’s a beautiful bathroom but to be honest I wouldn’t make the same choices today. Maybe that’s why I’ve had such a hard time decorating it. It’s been a blank slate for a while.

This simple DIY project adds a bit of character to the shiny, new bathroom, don’t you think?

The hooks came from another thrift store find:

I bought a pair of these a while back because I loved the hooks! They were only $0.79 each!

I loved how it turned out. The New Orleans print was a thrift store find, too.

We stopped for a yard sale on the side of the road and I found this piece that needed a little TLC. I decided that a bit of paint would highlight all the details.

Once it was finished I added it to my booth and it sold quickly!

Our small entryway needed a refresh so I “shopped the house” and pulled a few of my favorite things to create a nature-themed look. The ferns in the jute bag were from Maddie and John’s wedding last year. I love ferns and these faux stems are so pretty!

In October, the gang gathered at our home to thrift and enjoy the Fall Vintage Pickin Event in Fort Payne, AL. Can you tell how much fun we were having?! The next Vintage Pickin Event is November 20-21. Click here for more details.

I took lots of pictures but these are a few of my favorites!

I would love to do this in a guest bedroom!


I hope you’ve been inspired today to go treasure hunting or use the treasures you already have to make your home a cozy and comfortable space for family and friends!

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