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Wall Decor—Master Bedroom/Bathroom

I found this little frame at a local thrift store for $3.00—probably because the glass in the upper frame was missing. After I added a favorite photo I cut out the sweet words from the anniversary card I received this year and secured it with double stick tape. This hangs between our mirrors in the bathroom.

MadelineThis print hangs on the wall opposite the vanity and mirrors. I bought this print 18 years ago at an antique store in Tuscaloosa for $5.00. When we moved to this house I decided to paint the frame black. As I removed the print and original mat I discovered that the name of the print is “Madeline”—my daughter’s name. I loved the aged mat so I kept it and simply cut the opening a little larger to reveal the name of the print.

Sconces, clock

Our bedroom is very small so we’ve opted not to take up the extra space with a head board/foot board. The space above the bed was bare for a long time because I couldn’t decide what to put there. (I’d rather it be bare than to put something there I didn’t love) I found this clock in a local thrift store for $3.00–because it’s missing it’s clock parts. It hung there alone for a while–kinda lonely. Last summer I saw these sconces hanging above a fireplace at a local estate sale. The lady selling them said they had been hanging there for 40 or 50 years. I paid $20.00 for the pair. They’re so pretty and sparkly and I think they’re perfect next to the clock.

I love things that have a story. Our home has a story and everywhere I look I see items covered in memories (and a little dust) telling our story. I think it’s the difference between living in a house and making a home.

What treasure in your home tells a story?

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