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I’m getting a later start to my Saturday morning than I intended. I’m rushing around getting ready to tackle the list for the sake of the list. The house is quiet.

The Glory of God in the Moment

I open my email and I find this post from Lara.

And then the sun rose behind and above the fog and rain, and everything turned pink. Everything. And for a second I wondered if we had finally reached that last day. The day when the sky will break open and we’ll stand face-to-face with the precious, holy, worthy Jesus.

But then I thought, “Lord, I’m still in my pajamas and wearing my glasses. And I have coffee breath. Can you wait until I brush my teeth?” And just like that, the glory of the moment faded. We have such a gracious God.

Now I sit and write to you, lump in my throat, tears in my eyes thankful for a gracious God.

Thankful that He is here and there, wherever you are.

Determined not to miss the glory of the moment.


Every thought, every breath,

every word, every deed

to the glory of God.



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