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I’m here to tell ya’. . . she. was. ca-razy.

August that is.


Who did you think I was talking about?


She was all focused on that back-to-school thing even though it’s clearly summer time down here.

Maddie and Caleb

Well, if August was crazy (and she was) then September is her weird cousin.

Labor Day has come and gone and she’s still wearing flip flops and white pants.

White pants

She doesn’t care what the Southern Fashion Police think ‘cause she’s all focused on that football thing and planning life around kick-off.

A Day Game

Crock-pot chili is what she craves but settles for one more spicy pulled pork barbecue sandwich. Lemonade punch make her happy and Frozen Banana Split is her favorite half-time treat.

Frozen Banana Split

She doesn’t really mind when her friends prematurely announce “Its Fall Y’all”. She’s excited, too, just thinking about big bowls of candy corn. After all, yellow-gold is her favorite color because it reminds her of peaceful mornings when mowers have been put away till Spring.


Caleb Mowing

She’s also happy to celebrate two of her favorite people: Sharon and David.

sharon, david,

September, in all her weirdness, isn’t really so bad.


Just don’t tell her I like October best.

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