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Henry A. Norton—born July 31, 1911

He was a tail gunner in the Army Air Corp in World War II on the B17 “Pickelpuss”

[A/C 42-30063 LD – 481st Squadron – 100th Bomb Group 8th Air Force].

The Robert M. Knox Crew Kneeling L-R: 2nd Lt. Edwin F. Tobin-BOM, Capt Robert M. Knox-Pilot, 2nd Lt. Ernest E. Warsaw-Nav, 2nd Lt. John O. Whitaker-CP. Standing L-R: S/Sgt Frank W. Tychewicz-BTG, T/Sgt Carl T. Simon-TTE, T/Sgt Walter Paulsen-ROG, Unknown, S/Sgt Malcolm K. Maddran-WG, S/Sgt Joseph F. Laspada-WG, S/Sgt Henry A. Norton-TG, Unknown. 100th BG Photo Archive

The 481st squadron was the lead for the 100th Bomb Group which was assigned to bomb the Messerschmitt factory at Regensburg, Germany. The aircraft was assigned to “coffin corner”, which was the last and lowest location in the formation. The mission plan was that after the bomb run, the group was to continue east and land in Africa. However, in route to Regensburg they were attacked and shot down by a squadron of ME 109’s on August 17, 1943. Six of the crew, including Henry A. Norton were killed, while 4 others survived as prisoners of war.


Henry A. Norton

He was one of four brothers of my husband’s maternal grandmother. He had just turned 33.

She was 19. Four days later, on August 22 she gave birth to her firstborn, my husband’s mother.  On August 26, she turned 20.

Joy held hands with grief. And we remember.



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