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I walked through the teenager-crowded kitchen recently on my way to laundry mountain. It’s a familiar well-worn path for me. Often I pass through–unnoticed–in the midst of conversations and cackles and crumbs. This day was

“Mom, do I move my lips when you’re talking?” she asked as an audience awaited an answer they already knew.

“Yes, oftentimes you do.” I replied. I had noticed it before but never thought much about it.

Until today.

They laughed and said, “Told you so,” as her freckles faded on red cheeks.maddie by window

I quickly added, “But you’re repeating my words to yourself. It is your way of listening and remembering. Perhaps it is why you have the memory you do—often recalling the exact words I have spoken. It’s a good thing.”

She smiled.

I continued with my task but that brief interaction, especially the words I spoke, have haunted me.

First, the reminder that she they all will remember my words. How often have you said, “I remember when my mom used to say…?”

Second, the reminder that they will repeat my words. How many times have you said, “I sound just like my mother?”

Are my words worth remembering? Even more, do I want what I have said to be repeated? Are my words worthy to be spoken one day to her husband or his wife. Are they life-giving love-living words that may one day be spoken to a child–my grandchild perhaps.

I am pierced by the memory of my own idle words. Words that should have never passed over my lips to be mouthed by hers.
Smiley face

I am in desperate need of:

Words worth remembering.

Words worth repeating.

I know where to find them.

God hands you lungs when He hands you His Word and says — These are not idle words to you, they. are. your. life. Ann Voskamp

These next forty days I’ll be reading His lips–His words. I’ll be repeating them to myself. It will be my way of listening and remembering.

Then my words may be…

Words worth remembering and…

Words worth repeating.sunset with kids with scripture copy

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  1. Wow. Heard that same message yesterday while listening to Bill Hybels on the way home from work. Let my mouth be filled with His words!

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