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I made Iced Mocha Frappes. Around here they are affectionately know as Mocha Frappe Dingos—Eric’s descriptive name of a froufrou coffee drink. However, he really likes this one, especially on a hot afternoon.


I read this post, Irrevocable, by Sibi at Pearls and Grace. I think you should read it, too. I love these words she wrote:

We measure sin and decide what is the worst and whether or not God will bless.
Whether He should bless or not.
Who are we to tell sons and daughters of the living God anything other than He loves you and let me tell you how I know…
Better yet, let me show you by demonstrating it.


I am going to make Baked Parmesan Tomatoes because I have lots of homegrown tomatoes in my pantry. I’ll be adding seasoned bread crumbs to the mixture. Yummy.

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