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I really enjoy reading blogs dedicated to DIY home décor/design. I’ve learned so much and have been inspired to make my home a beautiful haven for my family. But I’m not a DIY home décor/design blogger. I’m a faith blogger. I feel certain you don’t come here to learn how to decorate. Which leads me (and you, I’m sure) to ask two questions:

  1.  Why share a before-and-after bedroom makeover?
  2. What does it have to do with living in the presence and power of an extraordinary God?

I’m glad you asked.

For When God Redecorates square

I’m Cutting In

It’s an ordinary Friday morning and I have big plans for the downstairs bedroom that’s been recently vacated.

boy's room,, before and after

Another young man is more than ready to make it his own. His #1 request—paint on the walls. Easy enough.

Caleb's room

With painting supplies in hand my trusty paint-rolling-sidekick and I get to work. I prefer the “cut-in” work but my screamin’ hamstrings still remind me that rolling requires no ladder. And, yes, I’m painting in a skirt because my painting pants are too tight and too-tight painting pants plus screamin’ hamstrings is a recipe for grumpy. “When Your Painting Pants Are Too Tight” is another post entirely.

We’re done with painting by lunch and the young man is pleased to see the results.

The Decorating Dance

He begins moving in. We help a bit with the furniture move and then we bow out. In this decorating dance, he leads. Tribal Smokestone is not my preference for wall color but it’s just a wall, and just a house, and just a room—his room, his space, his haven— his place to think, play, rest, and pray.

He requested wood flooring but after some research (thanks for your help) we decide against the time and money investment. We take the opportunity to talk with him about our budget and savings and choices we make about money. A sweet, teachable moment, for sure.

The After Party

There are no Pinterest perfect pictures here. Just a room decorated with love. Oh,  yeah. For a moment I compare the “after” with photos I see online. The words form in my mind and mouth to suggest change and edits and “that doesn’t look good there”.

But His Spirit, full in the rooms of my heart, cuts-in on dark words and paints a “Why?”

He covers my desire for unattainable perfection with a generous coat of grace. He rearranges the priorities of my heart to make room for a bigger picture that only eyes of faith can see.

He invites me in.

I see rust and dust and  broken pieces.

rust dust

He invites me in.

I look harder this time.

Caleb's room edit 2

I see an old soul, a collector of bits and pieces of history and story. I see a thoughtful and sentimental boy-man with imagination and faith. I see the clothes of a growing boy and the Truth of his growing faith.


Motherhood is bittersweet.

Meet me in the middle, decoratin, bedroom


“I love it, Caleb.”

He embraces with words of gratitude. “Thank you, Mom.”

Caleb, means “whole-hearted” in Hebrew. I chose the name years ago when the choices were all mine.

My servant Caleb has a different spirit

and has followed Me completely. Numbers 14:24

He’s living up to his name—this boy becoming God’s man.

It’s extraordinary what God can do in the middle of an ordinary Friday with a willing heart and a can of paint.

I’m linking up with Britta at the Meet Me in the Middle Project this week. If you love “Before and After” stories you’ll want to click on over and join us!

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5 thoughts on “For When God Redecorates The Heart”

  1. I love this – the transformation of the room & the heart as well as your beautiful story that reminds me the middle matters. I really love how you talked about him inviting you in and then you sharing what you saw. I’m glad to find this post at Britta’s place this week.

  2. Letting go of the decision making is so hard…and starts with something like the color of paint or which shirt. It looks like it’s turning out pretty good so far! I have very stretchy painting pants that I can’t wait to get on again…and if they don’t fit…I may just have to go for a cute skirt!! (visiting from meet me in the middle!)

  3. Your story has me all teary-eyed again! I know what you mean Stacy, I often see myself coming up short when I look around. I need to listen harder for the Lord’s encouragement — I know His ways are so much higher than mine, He sees my heart and knows my intentions. As we prepare to move, my Joshua is praying for a Caleb, a like-minded friend. I think yours is about 6 years older than my Josh. But it is an encouragement to him to keep praying for that! Love you, friend. And also, I think we could do a series together: “Why I don’t wear pants anymore”…and it has nothing to do with the Bible and everything to do with chips & salsa, ice cream and mid-life hormone shifts!!

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