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A while back I shared with you Why We Get Away. Even if you’ve read it before I think it’s worth reading again. It’s all still true. We get away to be together. Just the two of us. This time we went to another nearby city that is fast becoming one of our favorite places.

It’s a short drive, there are lots of things to see and do, and since I’m a country girl who loves the big city it’s the perfect place for us to get away.

The last time we were in this city Eric was running a marathon and the kids came with us to cheer him on. Click here to read that post.

This trip did not include running 26.2 miles!

So on Day 1 on our way to Atlanta we stopped in Villa Rica to do a little thrifting. We browsed through a couple of places and then had lunch at The Olive Tree. Great food and great service. I had the Olive Tree Lasagna and Eric had a Tuscany Italian Sausage Panini. We barely had room for dessert but we had to try the Baklava. Delicious!


We made it to Atlanta and checked into our hotel.

The Hotel Indigo is a beautiful historic building with a cool, city vibe. The hotel is beautiful and the service is the best. “Earl from Tuscaloosa” is hiding behind the desk. He’s a little camera shy I guess.

hotel indigo 2hotel indigo3  hotel indigo4edithotel indigo5 hotel indigo6edit
hotel indigo7edit

There’s so much to see and do within walking distance.

fox theatreedit

We had a delicious dinner at Gordon Biersch. The Blue Crab and Artichoke Dip served with toasted crostinis were really good and very filling so we chose to share the Steak Frites. We barely had room for dessert but we had to try the Warm Apple Bread Pudding. Delicious! The next morning we enjoyed a great cup of coffee and an apple fritter at Caribou Coffee. Obviously, it’s a great place to lose track of time.

at caribou coffee
We spent the day thrifting and just hanging out.

thrifting atlanta2edit
We had a very, very late lunch/early supper at Escorpion. The chips and salsa were delicious as were the Barbecue Pork Tacos. We did not have room for dessert! Saturday morning on our way out of town we decided to try the Thumbs Up Diner. We were not disappointed. Eric had steak and eggs with a biscuit and potatoes and I had a huge slice of Challah bread french toast with real maple syrup and apple cured bacon. For dessert, we had a third cup of coffee.

As we reflected on this trip we both agreed that the best part (besides being together) was the people we met and the conversations we had. We met some great people and heard interesting stories wherever we went.

I realized as I looked through my photos from our trip there wasn’t a single photo of us together in Atlanta. But here’s a photo of us earlier this month on Our Cheaha Family Adventure.

eric and stacy on cheahaedit

And if you read Why We Get Away you already know what we feel like after our trip. But in case you forgot…

1986 beach copyedit

cs lewis marriage quote graphicedit


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