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It was a Monday morning trip to the store for 1 thing—biscuit mix. That’s all. Just biscuit mix. But as soon as I walked through the doors of the grocery store I heard the still, small voice speak: get flowers for her.

I got the biscuit mix but remembered that I had no vase for flowers so I grabbed one from the craft department. As I made the half-mile trek back to the fresh flowers I heard another voice.

This voice was neither still nor small.

“She’ll think you’re silly for getting flowers. You don’t need to spend the extra cash for flowers. None of these flowers are pretty enough. You can get them another day”.

I got the flowers, the vase, and the biscuit mix.

An hour later I arrived with the food offering I had been assigned and the flowers.

I handed her the flowers and said, “These are for you”. We hugged and I could feel that she was crying.

Through her tears, she said, “I had meant to buy flowers for the food table this morning but I forgot. Thank you”.

I said, “I’m gonna miss you and I love you”. I didn’t know until that moment.

I’m glad I listened to His voice.

What’s the still, small voice speaking to your heart?

Are you listening?

Are you obeying?



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