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Happiness is a choice.

I believe happiness is a choice. Nothing will make me happy unless I choose to be happy. Another person can’t make me happy. A certain weight or dress size can’t make me happy. Money, popularity, education, and experiences can’t make me happy.

Happy people are happy because they decide to be. It’s that simple. Besides my own life experience, I have lots of unscientific proof in the form of social observations.

      • I’ve met lots of people who have everything I thought would make me happy but they’re not happy.
      • I’ve also met people lots of people who have every reason to be unhappy and yet they’re happy!

See what I mean? Happiness (and unhappiness) is a choice.

The truth is we will always have some difficult circumstances and plenty of opportunities to be unhappy. Every season I’ve lived through has been hard in some way! I’ve experienced grief, disappointment, personal failure, financial stress, parenting stress, and health issues just to name a few. But even through all of that, I’ve been able to feel happiness and joy despite what was happening around me or to me. Why?

Because I choose to be happy!

I’m in a new season with lots of new challenges and I want to be happy! Based on my own reading and research and observing others who are in the same season or a little further down the road, I’ve come up with 10 Habits of Happy People. I believe these 10 habits will help you as you choose to be happy.

Disclaimer: I’m not going to split hairs over the difference between happiness and joy. The Bible speaks about both and I think they’re pretty much the same thing.

10 Habits of Happy People 

 1. Embrace Change

Happy people embrace change. We know change is a part of life but it can still feel overwhelming because change usually requires us to do or be something different than we’re used to. When change is required remember that God does not change! He is sovereign and He loves us. Nothing happens to us that our unchangeable God has not ordained or allowed.

  2.  Feel Their Feelings

Happy people feel their feelings, even the negative ones. Keyword: FEEL. The Bible warns us about anger, jealousy, frustration, etc. But God created us and knew we would feel those feelings so being in denial about our feelings isn’t helpful or biblical. Remember, feelings are just feelings. Having feelings is part of what it means to be human. Tell God when you feel angry, sad, frustrated, or envious. Thank Him for the gift of emotions and ask for His help dealing with your feelings so the feelings don’t lead to hurtful behavior.

  3. Initiate Connection

Happy people initiate connection. All humans long for connection but in our loneliness, we hesitate to reach out. We fear rejection. Yes, it’s scary. No, we won’t connect with everyone (even our own family) the way we might like but happy people initiate and keep on trying until they find a few people they can connect with in a meaningful way.

  4.  Let It Go

Happy people let it go. Happy people let go of what they can’t control or what they shouldn’t be trying to control in the first place. Learn to let it go and you’ll eliminate a lot of unhappiness, worry, and stress.

  5.  Maintain Boundaries

Happy people maintain boundaries. You are a human being with limits. Your money, time, and energy are limited resources that you must steward wisely. Setting limits and sticking to them will help you take care of yourself and serve more effectively in all the places God has called you.

  6.  Mind Their Own Business

Happy people mind their own business. Drifting out of our lane when we’re driving can cause all sorts of problems and the same is true when we drift into other people’s business. Minding your own business is an instant stress reducer!

  7.  Assume The Best

Happy people assume the best. Choose to assume the best about a new situation or person. When you’ve set healthy boundaries and let go of situations and people beyond your control, you’re free to take a positive stance and assume the best.

  8.  Forgive Themselves

Happy people forgive themselves. Everyone makes mistakes. We all sin. When we confess our faith in Christ, all of our sins are forgiven and we are free. Choose to receive the forgiveness Christ offers and forgive yourself.

  9.  Fill Their Own Cup

Happy people fill their own cups. Stop waiting on someone else to replenish your stores of mental, emotional, and physical energy. Discover the healthy habits that recharge your battery and make time for them.

10. Trust God

Happy people trust God. Life is hard. There will be seasons of disappointment, loss, stress, and discouragement. But God is with us. He cares for us. He has a master plan and nothing can hinder Him. Even when life doesn’t make sense choose to say, “I trust you, Lord.”

Which habit is your favorite? (I love number six!)

Did I miss any habits you’d add to the list?

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  1. I like them all but 8 and 10 are really my personal choices. We have to forgive not only ourselves but others. Forgiveness is required to remain in God’s graces. Trusting God is also a must. Great writing Stacy. Love yor work!

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