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If you follow me on Instagram you know that I mentioned what a great yard sale-ing day we had last Saturday. I don’t have all my fun finds shown here but I couldn’t help but share a few of the best ones:yard sale collage

  • A pretty little $1 caddy perfect for my make-up brushes.
  • A 5 piece set of American Tourister luggage (never used) for $20. I can throw out the one that has broken zippers and wheels! Now to plan a trip that requires me to pack FIVE bags!!
  • A pretty wreath for $4.
  • A quart size ceramic bowl for $1 to replace my plastic one with a broken handle. And a large stockpot for $2. I only had 1 large pot. Not enough for a large family but too expensive to buy. Lets make some chili!
  • The curtains are my favorite find of the day. These silk striped lined curtains were $10 for all 4 panels. As I paid for them the lady said I could buy more at Restoration Hardware if I needed them. What!? I checked the curtains when I got in the car and they still had the Restoration Hardware labels on them. When I went online to check them out, these exact curtains were on sale. These four panels would have cost…(you’re gonna die) $700.00 ON SALE. I paid $10 people. Now that’s a score. I had to buy larger drapery hooks but they only cost $0.86.

Here’s my partner in {yard sale} crime. He likes a steal of a deal as much as me. An occasional stop at the Mapco for a diet Pepsi and pork skins and he’ll brake for every yard sale sign we see.

He’s the Mighty Marathoner disguised as Captain Cupcake reporting for kitchen duty and he’s my favorite sous chef.cupcake dad

In other news, my kitchen has been used recently for a cooking show. You won’t see it on Food Network any time soon. Consider this the exclusive report. This is what they do when I leave the house for a while. I guess it could be show 2

To escape the madness (and the silliness) at home the college student headed for the hills. Literally. Jon Eric is taking a class called Camping and Outdoors. Friday they headed out for a camping trip to Little River Canyon. This guy loves being in the woods.collage 2

I’m really thankful to be starting off this month surrounded by so many blessings and so many treasures.


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