What is blue sky obedience?

Mention Noah and several things come to mind for most people: the Flood, the ark, forty days and forty nights, animals two by two, and a rainbow. I love the story of Noah but it isn’t the flood and the ark and the rain and the animals that I think of most when I think of Noah.

Walking blameless

When I think of Noah I think of a man walking with God in a way that set him apart from every other man in his day.  I think of a man who responded to an unusual message from God and obeyed it every day for over 100 years. I think of a man who built a boat the length of one and a half football fields. On dry land. With blue skies overhead. Because God said to.

Making a decision

On blue sky days he was living an obedient life. He had made a decision to obey God and he had developed a habit of obedience. So when God told him to build an ark because He was going to destroy the earth and every living thing on it, he did it. His obedience saved his life, the life of his family, and provided a blessed remnant through which God redeemed mankind.

Flood waters rising

Obedience is something we often commit to after we hear the rain falling. Promises are easily made when we actually see the flood waters rising. In a crisis we cry out to God in a desperate act of surrender and our loving Father sends a life raft, rescuing us from ourselves and our sin. We are grateful when He does. But by then the Rescuer finds us chest deep in our disobedience, drenched in our own regret, clinging to a flimsy faith.

 Building a life

Oh, to have blue sky obedience—wholeheartedly loving and obeying God every day in every way. Building a life by God’s design so that when the flood waters rise, our boat floats safely on the deep waters of life.

“The water prevailed and increased greatly upon the earth, and the ark floated on the surface of the water.” Genesis 7:18 (NASB)

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