Thrifty Thursday–Chandeliers

When we bought this house in 2002 it needed a lot of updating. Little by little we’ve done what we could cosmetically to make this house *our* home.


I was always on the look-out for new lighting for the dining room, fireplace room(a cozy step-down area in our living room), and foyer. When mom restyled her kitchen/dining area she wanted to change out the fixture that hung above her dining table. I’ve always loved it so it found a new home above my dining table. It was beautiful.

However, I still needed lighting in the fireplace room and in the foyer. The lighting in the fireplace room was a mini-wagon wheel light circa 1970 like this one here. To make-do I painted it my favorite color – off-white!!—and added cute little shades to the bare bulbs. Still hated it but it would do until the perfect light came my way.

Finally, at a yard sale I almost passed by I found the perfect chandelier. As I looked closer at the box I noticed the price tag but was sure it was wrong. $20? Maybe they left off a zero? I asked the homeowner and she said that it was $20. I was giddy. Seriously. What I didn’t know until I got the box to the car was that there were actually two chandeliers in it! Woohoo! One very large one and one small one. Perfect!

Here they are now hanging above my dining table and in my foyer. I moved my mom’s to the fireplace room. It looked even better there. These three lights are, without a doubt, three of my favorite things in our home. I know they’re not everyone’s cup o’ tea but they fit my style perfectly.

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