Thrifty at 50: Fashion and Home Decor

Thrifting is my therapy! A quick trip to the thrift store always makes me happy even if I come out empty handed. I think just the possibility that I might find a treasure lifts my spirits. But I often hear discouraged shoppers say, “I never find anything good at the thrift store.” Maybe this post will inspire you to keep thrifting!

Thrifty Fashion

  1. Boots $5 –These boots looked rough when I found them but since they were a perfect fit and only $5 I couldn’t pass them up. I cleaned and polished them and now they’re perfectly vintage!

thrifty thrifty fashion, cowboy boots, vintage boots

2. Dress $3; Gap denim jacket $8; jewelry less than $1 each. Date Night!

3. Black leather vest $3.50

4. Floral skirt $3 and suede shoes $3

5. Floral dress $8 (Ross)

6. Thrifty jewelry makeover. $1 worth of jewelry and made my own necklace.

Home Decor

  1. Lamps $4 each

2. Mirror $3 — I posted the before and after on Instagram. Lamp, from above, with a $1 thrifted shade; Trunk $10 (I have a soft spot for these!); Silver pitcher and old book $1; Origami bird mobile $0.25; Tufted stool $10 (I’m a push-over for anything tufted!); I’ve had the dresser since I was a teenager. I’m surprised I’ve never painted it.

3. Macrame owl $1

4. Bi-fold Door $5 — it hides the ugly, but necessary, hot water heater; and there’s the other lamp with another $1 shade.

5. Office makeover — frame $3 –It was a hideous brown color with a cardboard picture; I removed the picture & spray-painted the frame; Caleb cut a piece of wood that I painted with chalkboard paint.  Typewriter $6; Old book $1; Lamp $2; Plaster of Paris metal can came from my grandmother years ago; dresser $0. Pin this:

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my latest treasures and how I use it or wear it. I often post about my thrifty adventures on Instagram and Facebook, especially the before and after photos of projects. I’d love for you to follow me there. And I’m always looking for inspiration on Pinterest!

If you’re a thrift store lover or you’re feeling inspired to go thrifting, you need my one-page printable of Thrifty Style: Seven Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Clothes at the Thrift Store.




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  1. Charles Jones March 4, 2017 at 9:04 am #

    Very nice. You have a good eye for that stuff.