The Secret to Joy and a New Favorite Recipe


Newsflash: My life is far from perfect. Everything is not going as I had planned. People are not behaving as I would like them to. Can you relate? I know you can. But I am digging my heels into the muddy mess of life and setting my heart on gratitude. The Thief will not steal my joy. Thank you for allowing me to share these gifts of gratitude with you. As always, my hope is to inspire you to see the beauty in ordinary things and our great God right in the middle of it all.


Maddie will be 17 on March 30. Friday was the only time we could celebrate. Isn’t she lovely?Birthday, Celebrate, Cake

We had a few friends over and a “burrito bowl buffet”. I kind of followed this recipe:

Burrito Bowl with Creamy Chipotle Sauce


Y’all! This was so delicious! You have to try it. (I substituted ranch dressing for the greek yogurt in the chipotle sauce.) We had cupcakes and a store bought birthday cake. The cake was sweet but the fellowship was sweeter!


With one-eye-half-open-still-in-bed-Saturday-morning I realized that for the first time in a long time all my people were at home, snuggled up in their beds, fast asleep. I whispered to Eric and we laid there savoring that thought before we spoke in unison the two most sensible words we could utter before coffee: “Waffle House?” But it’s tiny and crowded and limited seating. “IHOP then?” Oh yeah!  Tiptoeing into their rooms and asking, “Do you want to throw on some clothes and go to IHOP?”—sweet. Sleepy smiles. Eyes pop open. “Sure!” Half an hour later we were on our way. Just so you know what a treat this was for them—two of them had never been to IHOP! The pancakes and coffee and chocolate milk were delicious but the talking and laughing and sweet fellowship rocked!

IHOP edit

Saturday afternoon Eric and I took Maddie, Anna, and Caleb to the church. The PMBC youth were headed  to WinterJam so Eric and I enjoyed a bit of “thrift-therapy”. Wanna see the goodies I found? Of course, you do!

Come back Thursday! I’ll share them all. There will be cute clothes models (I promise). They’ve been bribed with pancakes.

I hope your Monday is filled with gratitude and joy.

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