The {right} Voice

It was a Monday morning trip to the store for 1 thing—biscuit mix. That’s all. Just biscuit mix. But as soon as I walked through the doors of the grocery store I heard “get flowers for her”. Uh, o.k.

I got the biscuit mix but remembered that I had no vase for flowers so I grabbed one from the craft department. As I made the half-mile trek back to the fresh flowers I heard, “she’ll think you’re silly for getting flowers”; then, “you don’t really need to spend the extra cash for flowers”; then, “none of these flowers are really pretty enough”; then, “you can get them another day”.

I got the flowers, the vase, and the biscuit mix.

An hour later I arrived with the food offering I had been assigned and the flowers.

I handed her the flowers and said, “These are for you”. We hugged and I could feel that she was crying.

Through her tears she said, “I had meant to buy flowers for the food table this morning but I forgot. Thank you”.

I said, “I’m gonna miss you and I love you”. I didn’t know I was or that I did until that moment.

I’m glad I listened to The {right} Voice.



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