The only thing worse than starting a sugar fast on a Monday is to be on Day 3 of a sugar fast on a Monday and be on week 7 of home repairs following a flood. (the result of a broken supply line. We were at home, thankfully. But a little water can do A LOT of damage.)


The Perfect {Sugar} Storm

When sugar is your go-to drug and the idol you’re tearing down,  then a Monday like this becomes the perfect storm because—wait, there’s more—I’m also home alone with three pans of The Pioneer Woman’s homemade cinnamon rolls. I shared the recipe for these a while back and told you they’re the best way I know to win friends and influence people. But at this particular moment I don’t want any friends and I hate people, because Day 3 of said sugar fast. I’m grumpy, sad, and lethargic. Anything else you want to know?

So at this point you’re probably wondering why I would make 72 homemade cinnamon rolls while I’m on a sugar fast. Okay. Maybe you weren’t wondering but I’m going to tell you anyway. This boy right here asked me to because he wanted to take some to his friends. Clearly, he knows how to win friends and influence people.

My first course of action was to phone a friend (hubby) and whine. His suggestion: leave the house. I know there are times that we should run away from temptation and sin but sometimes running away isn’t an option and we need to learn to rely on the Lord’s help to resist. As a homemaker I can’t not cook certain things because I don’t eat them and it’s not reasonable to think I can avoid tempting foods forever.

Once again, the question is: do I believe the Lord can help me and will I seek and receive His help? You see, I’ve grown accustomed to bowing down to my food idol–turning to sweets to soothe and comfort when I’m stressed only to learn they’re a cruel god and a poor substitute for the peace and comfort of Jesus.

So I’m remembering why I began this journey. It’s not about weight loss, though that would be beneficial

We fast in this life because we believe in the life to come. We don’t have to get it all here and now, because we have a promise that we will have it all in the coming age. We fast from what we can see and taste, because we have tasted and seen the goodness of the invisible and infinite God — and are desperately hungry for more of him.–John Piper

The Line in the Sand

Sweets may not be an issue for you at all. But most of us quickly point out the dangers and sinfulness of dependence and addictions for others, especially alcohol and drugs (legal and illegal), without considering the ways we are dependent on certain things to medicate our stress, relieve boredom, and avoid dealing with life.

If you can identify a substance or a habit in your life that you turn to more often or instead of God, will you draw a line in the sand with me and declare these things:

  • I don’t want to desire anything more than I desire Jesus.
  • I don’t want to seek comfort in anything or anyone else more than I seek God.
  • I do want to know Christ and experience the power of His resurrection.

So I will

  • confess my weakness a thousand times a day if necessary
  • depend on His strength to “make me strong, firm, and steadfast.”

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. I Peter 5:10





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2 Responses to SUGAR FAST: DAY 3

  1. Helen Wallace June 21, 2017 at 8:30 am #

    This really hit the mark! I have used food as a pacifier for many years……I have also battled by trying to conquer this on my own which has had disastrous results……your words rang so true in my ears today. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Stacy Averette June 24, 2017 at 7:12 pm #

      Helen, I know that battle so well. Thanks for reading. Hope you’re encouraged to keep going with His help!