3 Secrets to Thrifted-Clothing Happiness

So I mentioned earlier this week that Saturday involved some thrift therapy. I’m blessed to have several large thrift stores within a half-hour of my house and I visit them fairly often. As any seasoned thrifter knows, sometimes you walk out empty handed—and that’s okay. I am not the “buy it because its cheap” type. I’m frugal but I have standards people. Otherwise, you just end up with a whole bunch of stuff in your closet and garage that you wonder why you bought in the first place and you try to make yourself wear it or use it even though you hate it. I know of what I speak. So here’s my gift to you. . .

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1. I have to love it

  • That includes the color and the style. Brands don’t mean anything to me. If you buy what you love it will work together and you’ll be as happy as bird with a french fry.

2. I have to know it fits.

  • Yes. This means you must go to the dressing room. It’s a necessary evil. Thrift store dressing rooms are usually a little creepy and small, with weird fun-house mirrors. But you’ll know when you put it on if its a keeper or not. I’m willing to take up a strap that’s too long or sew on a button but that’s all. FYI: Most thrift stores accept returns within a certain amount of time with the receipt. That’s not always convenient and my kids are not always with me when I see something they need (I don’t call it therapy for nothing). I have to be fairly certain it will fit and they will like it. I text them a photo if in doubt! My only exception is yard sales. Clothes are usually really cheap and I can justify taking a chance on a $.50 shirt.

3. I have to be happy with the price.

  • Some thrift stores are charging way too much for everything these days. I have a price point that I’m comfortable with and a household budget that I make and stick to. I hate to waste anything including a few dollars at the thrift store.

Now you know my secrets (at least some of them).

Want to see what I found this week? Of course you do!

For the teenage boy who’s outgrowing everything . . .($3 or less for each piece)

Thrifty, thrift store, frugal

For a tall girl who likes long vests ($3) and a girl who loves jeeps ($2):

Thrifty, thrift store, frugal

A little something for dad ($5.50) and mom ($3): Dad got the big ticket item of the day. Have you shopped in the Big and Tall Department at Dillard’s lately? This shirt looks new!
Thrifty, thrift store, frugal
For the thrifted happy home: (I have plans for these two.) ($.75 ea.)

Thrifty, thrift store, frugal

This beautiful mirror was only $2.50! The frame and mirror are not glued together and I’m happy about that. I have quite a collection of empty frames and a Pinterest board to inspire me! Click here to see it!


Besides these treasures, Eric found several great books. He loves to keep his office shelves stocked with extra copies of his favorite books and give them away when they’re needed.

The Thrift-Store Road Trip is in the works. Stay tuned for details!

Hope your weekend is fun and thrifty!



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2 Responses to 3 Secrets to Thrifted-Clothing Happiness

  1. Trina March 28, 2015 at 7:47 pm #

    That mirror! !!

    • Stacy Averette March 29, 2015 at 6:45 pm #

      I know, Trina. What a score!!