For When You Need Reminding That You’re Changing Someone’s Life–Yes, You!

Many of you reading this know me in real life. Maybe we grew up in the same small town or went to school or church  together at some point. We might even be family. Others of you reading this “know me” because the internet has helped us find each other. Either way, I feel privileged to write and share and have it read by you. With that being said, I long for you to know why I’m here–why I’m spend money (self-hosted blogs aren’t free)  and invest my time month after month to have a place to share my ordinary life with you. I really, really want you to know what makes my ordinary life (and yours), extraordinary.  An experience I had recently reminded me.

An Open Door

Some time ago I was invited to speak at the Metairie Baptist Church Annual Women’s Tea. I served as the Youth Minister there years ago while in seminary. This seemed like the perfect time for a family get-away and a bit of a  homecoming. We were thrilled to introduce our children to the good food, good music, and great friends we found in that city.

The planning started with Terry. She was the Women’s Ministry Coordinator at MBC at the time; she and her husband were youth parents back in our youth ministry days at Metairie. When she invited all 6 of us to stay in her home while we were in New Orleans I couldn’t have been more excited! I’ve spent many, many hours in their home and those long, often late-night conversations, were just one of the many ways I learned how to be a wife, mother, homemaker, and servant in the Body of Christ. Their home was always open (at least I thought it was!) and I would drop by as often as possible, usually unannounced. She would welcome me with a smile and then continue with whatever she was doing before I arrived.

 How Her Life Changed Mine

For years I had the privilege of watching her live out her ordinary days of cooking, cleaning, mothering, planning, and serving. And it changed my life. I am a better wife, mother, friend, woman—because of her.

As we reconnected via email in the days leading up the Tea I shared with her what her friendship had meant to me. There were several more hours of late night conversations at their home spent catching up on the last two decades. As we talked and  laughed with my children gathered around (hers are all grown now), I was reminded all over again about the ripple effect of the lives we live. Who my children are today is due in part to the investment she made in my life years ago. And I am so thankful.

New Orleans Dicksons (5) edit

I’m certain I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to her (and many others) for the investment they’ve made in my life but I’ll never stop trying to pay it forward.

Who comes to mind for you? Whose ordinary life changed yours? Have you thanked them?

Your life is changing someone’s, too. As you go about your day doing what you do, there is someone (or many) watching, listening, and learning from you.

(This is Part I of You’re Changing Someone’s Life. Click here to read Part II.)

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