Going to Africa last year was an amazing experience. But if you ask me, “How was your trip to Africa?” I’ll likely share very little. For a woman who’s never been short on words, even I’m surprised that I haven’t had more to say. Like a cherished love note, I’ve held my journey to Africa close to my heart. I’m still processing all that I saw and heard there, but today I’m sharing a few of my favorite photos from the trip.

Some of these were taken with my iPhone, some with my DSLR, and some with a point-and-shoot borrowed from a friend. All were taken with my heart.

I’d love to know what you see and feel as you look at these photos and I’d love to know which one is your favorite and why. Please leave a comment and share if you have time.

A Few of My Favorites (in no particular order)

1. Orphans learning at Mufutuli Vineyard Ministries.

africa, zambia, education, orphans

2. Sweet orphan girl and her doll

Africa, Zambia, orphans

3. Happy children

Africa, Zambia, orphans

4. Siblings

Africa, Zambia,

5. Mrs. Mary (wife of Pastor Charles) counseling a young woman in a troubled marriage.

Africa, Zambia, Mufutuli Vineyard Ministries,

6. The church under a tree

Africa, Zambia,

7. A sweet girl and her mom

Africa, Zambia, children, Tonga

8. A man and his Bible

Africa, Zambia, church, Bible

9. A selfie with the oldest Tonga woman in the region.

We are sitting on the back row of a mud hut where they regularly meet for church as Pastor Charles teaches a small group of Christian leaders from the village. When I showed her the picture she laughed out loud and showed her friend. Giggling in church is contagious in Africa, too. We were three women, sisters in Christ,  speaking a heart language. It was a sweet moment I’ll never forget.

Africa, Zambia, Tonga woman, selfie

10. Baobab Trees

Africa, Zambia, landscape. baobab tree

11. Lunch

Africa, Zambia, missions

12. Victoria Falls

Africa, Zambia, Victoria Falls,

13. Elephants

Africa, Zambia, elephants, safari

14. Curious Giraffe

Africa, Zambia, giraffe, safari

15. Elephant Up Close

We were in the safari jeep as the herd passed by. I didn’t zoom in to get this photo. He was this close. We were quiet and cautious.

Zambia, Africa, elephants, safari

16. Mama elephant and baby

Africa, Zambia, elephants, safari

17. Hide and seek giraffe

Africa, Zambia, giraffe, safari

18. Hippos

Africa, Zambia, hippos, safari

19. My view (with coffee) each morning from the Gwabi Lodge on the Kafue River

Africa, Zambia, Gwabi, Kafue River

20. A whole lot of happy (missions team)

Africa, Zambia, missions

Thanks for sharing a little bit of this journey with me. Did you have a favorite photo?


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  1. Mitch February 23, 2017 at 11:33 am #

    Great pics! Happy children playing on a dirt road…..imagine that. And wow, the church under a tree – how humbling.

    • Stacy Averette February 23, 2017 at 12:10 pm #

      Thanks, Mitch. The whole trip was humbling . . . seeing people so happy with so little.

  2. Charlie February 23, 2017 at 7:11 am #

    Thanks for sharing those.

    • Stacy Averette February 23, 2017 at 12:10 pm #

      My pleasure.