DIY Jewelry Frame

I’ve been seeing jewelry frames around the internet and loving everyone of them.  Some of my necklaces are long, long strands of beads and pearls and some are short. For ten years, they’ve hung from the drapery rod in my room which resulted in a big tangled mess when I tried to get one down.

So one day when I had a million important things on my to-do list I decided it was a good time to tackle this project. I already had everything I needed: a large frame, chicken wire, wire cutters, and a staple gun. Should’ve had some gloves. Chicken wire is pointy. Ouch!

I gathered it all in my workshop (bedroom floor) so I could watch the NCIS marathon while I worked. Here’s what I did:

1. Stapled the chicken wire to the back of the frame. The piece of wire I used was a little larger than the frame so I stapled then cut away the excess.Jewelry Fram2. Waited for NCIS to end so I could go to Wal-mart and buy hooks/hangers. Most of the jewelry frames I’ve seen used “S” hooks. However, Wal-mart had only 1 pack of small ones and I didn’t think that would hold the long strand of beads securely. I wandered around until I thought of drapery hooks. Perfect! And they’re really cheap compared to “S” hooks. Jewelry Frame3. Add the hooks to the chicken wire. The hook fits securely down on the section of wire and the large front hook allows for large strand of beads or 2-3 small necklaces.Jewelry Frame4. Add your beads and jewelry to the hooks. I’ve also found that earrings will hang from the chicken wire.Jewelry Frame5. Mount the frame on the wall or wherever works for you. I mounted mine on the wall at the end of my closet. (Actually, I just wedged it behind the wire shelving.)Jewelry FrameNo more tangled necklaces. Yay!

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3 Responses to DIY Jewelry Frame

  1. April April 9, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    I think I could create something like that! I saw a really neat old window turned into a jewelry organizer. It was on Clean Jewelry and I wish I had more time to make all my DIY ideas!

    • Stacy Averette April 9, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

      I saw that old window. What a great idea.

  2. DeeDee April 9, 2013 at 11:11 am #

    I like it!!