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Ladies, I want to know more about you and the things that are important to you so I’ve created the 2016 Women’s Survey. It’s short and sweet with only 10 questions and completely anonymous! Your responses will be super helpful as I seek to serve the Lord as a writer, speaker, teacher, coach, and mentor….

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What I Want You To Know About Caleb

There’s so much I could say about this sweet boy o’ mine. If you know him, you already know why I could fill a book of stories about him. But I decided to tell the story with fewer words. And y’all know the only thing I like as much as words is pictures.  I stepped…

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Please take my {10 Question} Reader Survey

I want to make my blog better and create content that is more interesting and helpful. To do so I need to know more about YOU! I’ve created a short, 10 question survey and I would appreciate your input.  Click here to take the survey. Your thoughts will be super helpful as I choose content…

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Truth to Share

 How to save these to your device: 1. Click on the image you want to save and a larger image will appear. If you’re on a computer, right click and choose “save as” to save it to a file on your computer. (I save mine in “Pictures”) If your’re on an iPhone or iPad, click…

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Would Jesus do facebook

Would Jesus Be On Facebook?

Did you share a Facebook Year in Review like the rest of the world? I did. Look at mine and you’ll see photos of happy people doing fun things, enjoying life. I like that. But my Facebook Year in Review represents real life about as much as (more…)

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Answers to 4 Common Questions About the ACT

Has she taken the ACT? What was her score? I’ve heard those questions a few times this year and if you have a high school student you have, too. Whether you’re a traditional or home school family, the ACT is part of preparing for college. Many, many years ago I took the ACT (I’ll share…

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