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Day 2 Exodus 24-25 & Matthew 23—The Bible is the written Word of God to us. It is His story of love for, redemption of, and relationship to His highest creation—you and me. Sometimes we ask a child or a friend, “Do I have to paint you a picture?” Well God did in His Word….

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What’s your problem? Whatever it is, you might approach it in one of two ways: 2 Wrong Ways to Approach a Problem Surrender to the nagging feeling that the tide of battle has shifted against you and admit that you’re fairly powerless to do anything about it. Fight with the battle cry, “I can handle it…

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My Back to School Lesson{Part 2}

I did not plan on this being a two-part lesson. Oh! How The Relentless One must laugh at my plans—or in this case, the lack thereof. If you haven’t read Part 1 you can read it here. This morning as I checked email I had my usual Daily Promise. I subscribed to that a while…

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My Back to School Lesson{Part 1}

When I was a child and teenager I liked to know everything or at least make you think I did. I was the straight-A overachiever who wanted to be the best at everything. My control issues go way back. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Dying to Being in Control. I can assure you—I’m…

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The Death of Me: {Part 4} Laying it Down

I had intended to write about “Living in Peace” today but when I sat down to write God took me in a different direction. I even tried to make this the Conclusion and write about peace for Part 4, but again, God made it clear to me to change my plans. I still have a lot…

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