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Ever have those days when you don’t feel like doing anything? Well today is one of those days for me. There are lots of to-do’s on my list but no motivation to-do any of them. I seriously consider a Netflix marathon in the comfort of my bed and then I try what millions of us…

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When Pie Happens

Monday morning rolls around and so begins the self-torture.  I step on the scale to confirm what my jeans already know. Too much eating plus too little activity equals too tight jeans. I turn over the worn out leaf again and vow that carbs and sugar will never pass through my lips again. Then pie…

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Let them eat {ice cream} cake

We love to eat {ice cream} cake and those store-bought ones are really expensive. Since we celebrate 4 out of 7 birthdays in February, March, and April we have a good excuse to eat cake and get creative with our flavor combinations. Caleb chose chocolate cake with M & M’s ice cream in February: I…

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March Madness~Round 2~Sweet Sixteen

While I was counting down to 48 a very excited red-head was counting down to sixteen. Every day since January 1 she’s let me know exactly how many more days until she would turn 16. I tried to be excited with her. Most days, as she reminded me that she was one day closer, I…

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