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Jewelry Frame

DIY Jewelry Frame

I’ve been seeing jewelry frames around the internet and loving everyone of them.  Some of my necklaces are long, long strands of beads and pearls and some are short. For ten years, they’ve hung from the drapery rod in my room which resulted in a big tangled mess when I tried to get one down….

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Sconces, clock

Thrifty Thursday

Wall Decor—Master Bedroom/Bathroom I found this little frame at a local thrift store for $3.00—probably because the glass in the upper frame was missing. After I added a favorite photo I cut out the sweet words from the anniversary card I received this year and secured it with double stick tape. This hangs between our…

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DIY wall art, chalk art

Thrifty Thursday DIY Wall Art

1. Old frame(without glass), scrap of burlap, letter stamps, black paint. I used the thin piece of wood that came with frame, wrapped it with the burlap scrap and hot glued it on the back side to hold it in place. I then used letter stamps dipped in black paint to add the quote to…

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