An Outdoor Spring Garden Party

We like to party and by party I mean hang out at home with friends and family and eat. Home is our favorite place to party and since indoor space is limited we decided to take advantage of the mild weather and gather outside.

Party graphic square

Our yard normally looks like this.

garden party, spring

Pretty but not very party-like.

I had a vision for what it could be and thankfully I had some good helpers!

We added the back porch and patio furniture, moved furniture from inside, hung some lights, grabbed some old blankets, added buckets of wild flowers and we were ready.

garden party, spring

party eric and caleb

party caleb 2

party flowers 3

party flowers party flowers 2

party 3

party day2

party day

party prayer

The party was wonderful thanks to the friends and family who came.

The cousins gathered for a photo.

Party cousins

The girls did, too.

party girls

And then we tried to make a family photo.

The first one looks OK.

party family 1

Until the legs of the cot we’re sitting on began to sink into the ground. The giggles had started but we maintained our composure for one more.

party family 2

And then we lost it.

party family 3

At least the girls did. I think it’s funny that the guys look totally cool—maybe because they weren’t sitting on a sinking cot.

party family4

I wanted just one photo of my family so Eric decided to join us on the cot. I’m trying to get up and Maddie’s warning him not sit down.

party family with dad

party family with dad 2

It didn’t turn out well.

Plan B: Put Dad back in the tree.

party family with dad 3

Friends and family left and we lingered in the magic a little while longer.


party 4

party 5

party 6

party 7

party je

party with bear

party home is my happy place

party eric and stacy



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2 Responses to An Outdoor Spring Garden Party

  1. Charlie May 27, 2016 at 7:00 am #

    We really enjoyed it! Y’all did a really great job creating a talking atmosphere.

  2. Eric Averette May 26, 2016 at 1:04 pm #

    Great party!
    Thank you for making it happen.

    I love you, BUNCHES!!!