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Rosemary Honey chicken

One Pan Rosemary Honey Chicken Recipe

Do you ever have one of those weeks that feels two days too¬† long? A week when there are too many questions and not enough answers? Where it seems everyone’s getting it right and you’re still trying to figure out how to begin? Or is it just me? I’ve had one of those weeks. Two…

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Caleb at Krispy Kreme


A deeper walk with Christ is evident when our first response, our most compelling desire at any given time, in any situation, is to hunger for the advice found in God’s Word. The Word of God, when interwoven with prayer, serves as direction and guidance, conviction and comfort, a deterrent from sin, an escape, a…

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flower-729513_1280 square


Do you ever get the budget blues? The budget blues is the occasional feeling of discouragement and overwhelm caused by the gap between what you think you need/want and what your budget says you can afford. The feeling can be made worse by scrolling through Pinterest or watching HGTV. Battling the Budget Blues I have…

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