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youre wasting your time

For When You’re Not Doing What You Love

Are you doing what you love?  I hope you are! But if your life is anything like mine you may find yourself, at some point, NOT doing what you love. Can I get an amen?! Sometimes no matter how hard we work, or how much we learn, or how we persevere in pursuit of a…

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miles for mercy, running, mercy house

Running Miles for Mercy in 2016

Eric and I both turn 50 this year and it’s a sobering thought to know that statistically, at least half of our life is over. We have big plans for the next 50 years (or as many as God has planned for us). Our prayer is that the years we have left would be more…

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criticism, tongue

How I Feel About Petty Criticism

Tell me your criticism. Go ahead and tell me. I’m listening. I’ve heard it all before. I sing too loud. I talk too much. I cry too easily. Tell me more. I smile too much. I talk too loud. I hug too much. More? I love too freely. I forgive too easily. I forget too…

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