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Why I don't quit square

Why I Don’t Quit

Quitting is easy. Except when it comes to sugar. Impossible I tell you. I’ve tried (sort of) with little success. I’m not sorry though especially since Maddie just made homemade Blueberry Pie Bars. Quitting is easy. I’ve quit plenty of times in my life. Recently, I told you Why I Quit {and why you should,…

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A Dog in the House square

A Dog in the House

I love dogs. I’ve always had a dog. (Except when we lived in a tiny apartment in New Orleans. ) My dogs live outside where dogs are free to run and play and sleep and poop. Dogs are happy outside. I said I’d never have a dog in the house. Never. Never ever. Then this…

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Marriage Monday square Ep 2 confession

Marriage Monday Episode #2~A Confession (or two)

Welcome to Marriage Monday! My goal for this series is to encourage you whether you’ve been married five months or fifty years. I believe happily-ever-after is possible and with God’s help you can have a marriage worth celebrating. We hope you enjoyed our second video. Clearly, we are not running a high tech operation here…

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When Pie Happens

Monday morning rolls around and so begins the self-torture.  I step on the scale to confirm what my jeans already know. Too much eating plus too little activity equals too tight jeans. I turn over the worn out leaf again and vow that carbs and sugar will never pass through my lips again. Then pie…

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Meet me in the middle, decoratin, bedroom

For When God Redecorates The Heart

I really enjoy reading blogs dedicated to DIY home décor/design. I’ve learned so much and have been inspired to make my home a beautiful haven for my family. But I’m not a DIY home décor/design blogger. I’m a faith blogger. I feel certain you don’t come here to learn how to decorate. Which leads me…

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Marriage Monday – Introduction

Happily Ever After I hope you’ve enjoyed this Marriage Monday Introduction. My desire here is to share with you how the presence and power of God has changed my life and inspire you to walk with Him every day in every way. God has been at work in our marriage since we said “I do”…

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Six Questions square

For When Mother-Love Becomes Idol Worship

A friend from church just gave birth to her first born, a sweet baby boy.  Her FB pics took me back in time to the end of a long day back in 1994. I had waited so many years to hold my very own newborn baby. No words can describe the love that was born…

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Why I quit

Why I Quit {and why you should, too}

I’m a recovering perfectionist. I’m driven to achieve and please. And I have a few letters behind my name. Last year I was halfway to having a few more. And then I quit. I withdrew. Closed the books. Never looked back. Oh, I didn’t say I was quitting at first. Stacy Averette is not a…

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