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How to Be Great

You’re Changing Someone’s Life–Achieve Greatness

History books are full of the stories of famous people–heroes, inventors, powerful leaders, and world changers. What makes someone famous? How does one achieve greatness? The answer might surprise you. I’m Not All That (but I’d like to be) When my friend, Terry, read last week’s post, she replied to me via email and said,…

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stay at home mom

When Being a Stay at Home Mom Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

There are times as a stay at home mom when I think: “What I’m doing isn’t enough”. Mothering and homemaking is hard work that can be all-consuming and very gratifying; but a quick scroll on social media or a stroll through the mall can leave our soul wondering. For many years, I was in full-time…

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BW eric and stacy wedding 2

On Becoming “The Old Mrs. Averette”

She’s been called a monster and movies have been made about her. You know one, you may have one, and chances are (if you’re a woman) you’ll be one some day–the mother-in-law. In just 55 short days I’ll add this title to my list. I’m sharing my thoughts on the subject over at More to…

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Like a Championfb

How to Survive Criticism and Praise Like a Champion

We sing songs of praise, my family and me on that bright Sunday morning. The sanctuary feels like home. I am happy to be here, surrounded by my children who stand a head taller than me, and growing in a faith they’ve made their own. Then comes the sucker punch. I catch of glimpse of…

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